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Common causes of motorcycle accidents: Part 1

Many motorists are so excited to take the roads in New York that they fail to realize the dangers they face. Their vehicles do not have the same protective structures as cars. Even though some bikers wear helmets and riding gear for protection, many of them do not. According to, these factors along with higher speed limits, drugs and alcohol use increase the risk of motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities. 

Bikers who understand the common factors that lead to crashes can take measures to protect themselves on the roads. 

Other vehicles 

Motorists are supposed to share the roads with others. However, many of them fail to take into consideration bikers. Many drivers are checking for other cars instead of motorcyclists when they are making left-hand turns. Motorists who do not actively check for bikers, along with other factors are more likely to collide with them in intersections when they make left-hand turns. There are also times where drivers fail to see motorcycles in traffic, especially at intersections because of low visibility, blind spots and distractions. 

Rider errors

Rider errors often occur when bikers ignore speed limits, traffic signs and other drivers. They may also occur when bikers take corners too fast or widely. Some riders are more likely to speed and take risks on the roads. Others lack proper riding education and are more likely to make crucial riding mistakes that can result in them receiving injuries. Bikers can reduce their risk death in motorcycle accidents by becoming educated about motorcycle safety, states 

Motorcyclists should keep these hazards in mind when they are on the roads. Bikers are at risk for some serious injuries, such as broken bones, fractures, brain damage, paralysis and even death if they are not careful. They should also participate in motorcycle training and riding classes to ensure they are not making mistakes so that they can avoid accidents.

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