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How truck drivers can reduce the risk of an accident

It is no secret that driving a semi-truck is a dangerous job. With how large these vehicles are, and how many people are hurt in truck accidents each year, drivers must be careful about how they operate their vehicles around big rigs. At the same time, truck drivers must be vigilant as well. There are a number of things they can do to reduce the risk of being in an accident. This post will highlight a few of them. 

Check blind spots before lane changes – Just like drivers must check their blind spots for smaller vehicles (i.e. motorcycles), truck drivers have to use additional care in looking for cars that may be in their “no zones.” A wrong move by a truck driver in these instances can have devastating consequences.

Slow down in work zones – Indeed, most highways and streets call for vehicles to slow down in work zones, but sometimes people just don’t do so. If you need a reminder of how devastating a work zone accident can be, look no further than last year’s truck accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan; who still has not recovered from his injuries.

Maintain your rig – While you should complete periodic maintenance on your truck, it is critical to report abnormalities before getting on the road. A mechanical failure, especially brake lines, could lead to tragic results.

Keep in mind that failing to do these things, by themselves, may not automatically make a truck driver liable for a crash. However, when combined with other elements of negligence (i.e. excessive speed, distracted driving), they could lead to a driver being held responsible. 

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