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Syracuse University suffers brain injury after boxing incident

When someone experiences an injury, it can be temporary or permanent. Many types of injuries are immediately noticed and medical care is provided. One of the more difficult types of injuries to diagnose and cure is a brain injury. It may happen during a car accident, work accident or during a fall or athletic event. Brain injuries can come in many forms and in many severities. They can lead to memory loss, nausea, headaches, dizziness and sensory problems, among others.

A recent story out of Syracuse University highlights yet another incident of a brain injury causing devastating symptoms. The brain injury victim, a student at the university, has filed a lawsuit after he suffered a brain injury as part of a boxing session.

The student said he joined the boxing club during his senior year so he could exercise. During an exercise drill last year, the instructor repeatedly and unexpectedly punched him in the head. The student did not have any protective gear to cover his head. The drill was supposed to be a non-contact drill, reportedly. During the exercise, the coach, who has been named in the lawsuit, did nothing to stop the incident.

Since then, the 22-year-old student is dealing with an ocular disability that resulted from suffering a brain injury. He apparently cannot effectively write, read or even watch television and had to drop out of school. He was hoping to become an author or screenwriter. It will be interesting to follow this case and see what the ultimate outcome is.

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