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Could your doctor be on drugs when treating you?

TV dramas about hospitals and emergency rooms are arguably about art imitating life. This means that some of the scenarios that shock us (and gain our empathy) actually are lived by real people. This also means that doctors who make mistakes may do so in real life. While they may happen in limited instances, the patients that are treated by irresponsible doctors are still at risk.

For instance, one doctor who was addicted to pain killers for years…all while treating patients…was highlighted on NBC’s “Today” show. The physician indicated that his habit was nearly 100 pills of Vicodin at its worst. He said that he has been clean for 10 years, but his past still scares him.

But this doctor is certainly not alone. It is reported that 100,000 doctors, which equates to nearly 1 in 10 doctors, is addicted to drugs or alcohol and are still treating patients. An investigative reporter for Today even found that some doctors are performing surgeries while under the influence; which can lead to disastrous results for patients.

One of the most important pieces of information we elicit from doctors during the course of a deposition is whether they have been arrested for, or investigated for drug possession. The same applies for distribution of narcotics. With the access doctors have to such powerful drugs, it is not surprising for them to be face criminal charges if caught.

The story is an example of why it is important to hire a law firm well-versed in investigating malpractice claims. If you have questions or want to discuss your case, feel free to contact us.  

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