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Spinach recall could affect thousands in New York

While a number of our posts have focused on automotive recalls, there are many other product recalls that can affect our readers in different ways. For instance, everyone at some time goes to the grocery store to buy food. In the last few weeks, a number of important food recalls have been initiated.

For instance, Dole Fresh Vegetables has called for a recall of bagged spinach due to fears about possible salmonella contamination. This bacteria could be potentially harmful if ingested. Officials from Dole indicate that the recall is a precautionary one, and that no consumers have been sickened as of yet. A random sample of spinach was tested by the State of Michigan’s Agriculture Department.

According to a USA report, the recall affects more than 33,000 bags of spinach, which were distributed to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and a number of other states. Health officials advise consumers that if they purchased Dole spinach that have certain product codes to discard the bags immediately.

The story is indicative of a continuing responsibility that manufacturers have to ensure that their products are safe for consumption. Should mistakes be made that make their products dangerous for customers, they must take reasonable steps to inform consumers. Should a manufacturer fail to do so, and a consumer is sickened, the manufacturer could be held liable.

When that happens, an experienced products liability attorney can help sickened consumers achieve justice through a lawsuit. If this has happened to you, a phone call to an attorney can help. 

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