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GoPro camera captures motorcycle rider’s crash

It should go without saying that motorcycle accidents are scary experiences. Imagine speeding down the road at more than 70 miles per hour when something goes wrong. You may not have any options as you lose control and you crash.

It may be difficult to fathom the horror and despair that comes with being in such an accident, but a recent report may give some perspective. A motorcycle rider in California had his helmet camera rolling as he rode through the Los Angeles Crest Highway when he swerved to avoid an oncoming rider.

Thankfully the motorcycles did not crash into each other, but the rider lost control and crashed; his GoPro camera catching everything as it happened. The rider injured his ankle, foot and knee; but it is the quest to find the offending rider that is newsworthy.

The other rider did not stop, and apparently was going the wrong way on the Altadena highway. The video has served as a way to identify the offending rider. After all, there is a legal duty on motorcycle riders, whether they are in California or New York, to use reasonable care while riding. This means that riders must act a  reasonable person would in similar circumstances.

Essentially, this translates to obeying speed limits, sharing the road and not riding too aggressively and most importantly, not riding while under the influence of alcohol. If a rider fails to use reasonable care, and such a failure causes an accident, the rider could be held liable for the other rider’s (or driver’s) injuries. 

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