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Women claim defective birth control packaging led to pregnancies

An old product recall case has sparked a lawsuit brought by nearly 120 women against a pharmaceutical company. The recall happened back in 2011 and involved birth control pills. The pills were apparently packaged out of order, which potentially left women vulnerable to pregnancy. More than half a million blister packs were recalled after one customer noticed the pills were out of order.

Of the women involved in the lawsuit, more than 100 became pregnant and 94 of them carried the child to term. They are suing the company, as well as other companies that were involved in making and distributing the pills under other brand names, seeking damages for medical costs, lost income and for some, the cost of raising a child.

A similar lawsuit was recently rejected class-action status by a U.S. district judge. The judge said he considers each woman’s case unique and that each one should be weighed individually based on its specific and circumstances.

Defective product cases can come in all shapes and sizes. In some cases, the product injures someone or malfunctions, causing injury. In other cases, such as this one, the product acts fails to work properly, which causes specific damages. In this case the damages are largely financial.

When someone pays for a product, they expect it to work properly. It’s especially concerning when a medicination claims to work but does not. In this case it allegedly resulted in pregnancy, but in other cases it may mean a patient does not get proper treatment for a life-threatening medical condition.

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