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North Syracuse car crash remains a mystery

Sometimes it is immediately clear who caused a crash, like when a tractor-trailer driver falls asleep at the wheel, crosses into oncoming traffic and smashes headlong into a car. Or, when a driver is busy texting and fails to notice a stop sign, plowing into a left-turning motorcycle. Sometimes, however, fault is a little harder to find, at least at first glance, yet this does not mean that the family members of those killed in fatal car accidents shouldn’t work with a wrongful death lawyer to file a lawsuit.

And that may be what the family of a woman who is believed to have been killed in a North Syracuse car crash will do once it is a bit more clear as to whose fault the accident was.

Although the North Syracuse police are saying that one of the vehicles involved in this two-car crash ran a red light, officers have not yet said if it was the minivan in which the woman was riding or an SUV.

What also remains a mystery is where the woman was seated. If the woman was a passanger, then it doesn’t matter if the driver of the minivan was negligent or not, her relatives can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Since she was either hit by a negligent driver or was in a vehicle driven by a negligent driver, her family members’ wrongful death attorney would be able to argue that the fatal car accident was caused by someone’s negligence and, thus, that the family was entitled to compensation.

As more information is released, it may be much easier to determine whether a viable lawsuit would be possible.

Source: The Post-Standard, “One dead in North Syracuse crash that causes traffic detour,” Catie O’Toole, July 13, 2014

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