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Why drivers should be aware of ice missiles

If you live in upstate New York, driving in the snow is a part of life during the winter months. Of course, being able to navigate snowy roads is important, and knowing how to avoid accidents on icy roads is also critical. Nevertheless, the following post on ice missiles is something that every winter driver should be aware of.

No, we are not talking about some weapon that “Mr. Freeze” would be conjuring up to terrorize citizens of Gotham City. Instead, we refer to the pieces of snow and ice that may remain on the tops of semi trucks and trailers. And when a truck goes down the freeway after not having a trailer cleaned off, pieces of snow and ice may fly off and into the windshields of cars following such vehicles. 

An ice missile may not penetrate a car’s windshield, but it may create a blinding blanket of ice that may severely restrict a driver’s ability to see. This may also lead to an accident.

While ice missiles may be potentially dangerous, accidents caused by them are usually preventable. Essentially, truck drivers should aspire to completely clear their vehicles of snow and ice before getting back on the road. Should a driver fail to do so, and an accident is caused by an ice missile, a truck driver could be held liable for the crash. After all, part of a driver using reasonable care includes keeping a vehicle in condition that would enable it to be operated in a safe manner. 

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