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How to avoid deadly crashes with semi trucks

The end of the summer driving season does not mean that trucks become less dangerous as fall arrives. In fact, drivers must be more aware of trucks as road conditions deteriorate in the coming months.

While the roads have not become terrible yet, the days are getting shorter, which means it is more likely to encounter trucks at night. Nevertheless, regardless of the time of day you encounter a truck, there are a number of things drivers should do to avoid accidents with the behemoths of the highway.

This post will highlight a couple of them. 

Never stop abruptly in front of a truck – Trucks require a lot more room to slow down and stop because they weigh so much more than cars. So a sudden stop in front of a truck may result in a significant rear end collision.

Pass trucks only on the left – The right side of a truck has a significant blind spot that can make cars in that spot virtually invisible to a truck driver. Cars in these positions run the risk of becoming road kill when a truck attempts to change lanes or make a right turn.

Yield to larger vehicles – Because a collision with a semi truck can result in so much more damage to a car, it is best to yield the right of way to a truck.

Do not tailgate trucks – The driver of a car may not have time (or room enough) to stop before running under a tractor trailer’s bumper. This could be deadly if the bumper is not low enough to prevent the driver (or passenger) from being decapitated. 

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