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The impacts of increased concussion awareness

Increased awareness regarding the concussion risks kids can face and the dangers head injuries can pose to children is a very important thing. It could help on several fronts. For one, it can help with encouraging proper prevention efforts in things like youth sports. Also, it could help increase the likelihood of kids who suffer a potentially concussion-causing head injury promptly getting the medical care they need.

Increased concussion awareness might be a contributor to a recent trend that has occurred when it comes to kids in the 10 to 19 age group. This trend is an increase in concussion diagnoses among such kids. This trend can be seen in recent Blue Cross and Blue Shield research.

The study, which looked at medical claims data, concluded that between 2010 and 2015, individuals 10 to 19 saw a 71 percent concussion diagnoses increase. The study also found an increase in such diagnoses among the 20 to 64 age group, but that increase was much more modest.

It is thought that the increase in the 10-19 age group is partly the result of improved concussion awareness. What do you think would help with even further increasing such awareness?

When a kid suffers a concussion, it is very important for their concussion to be correctly diagnosed promptly. The sooner a concussion is correctly diagnosed, the sooner a child can start getting the treatment they need. It can be a big help to a concussion sufferer when their medical needs are promptly addressed.

Another thing it can be important to address promptly after a child suffers a concussion are the potential legal issues related to the injury, particularly if it appears the child may have gotten hurt because someone acted improperly. A parent putting off looking into these issues could result in important avenues in pursuing fair compensation for their child disappearing. So, along with making sure their child’s medical needs are met, a parent of child who has suffered a concussion may want to make sure they know what legal rights their child may have by speaking to a skilled personal injury attorney.

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