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How drivers should deal with construction zones

The summer driving season in central New York may be over as fall as officially begun. However, there are still a number of road construction projects going on in our region. With that, accidents in or near construction zones are still a danger to drivers. Because of this, it is important for drivers (both of cars and trucks) to keep the following safety tips in mind.

Pay attention to the signs – While this may seem obvious, the orange signs that warn drivers of upcoming construction zones are there for a reason. When drivers see these signs, they should begin slowing down. Not only because traffic is about to stop, but there are workers ahead who work better when cars and trucks are not whizzing by.

Keep your distance – As we alluded to above, traffic tends to stop suddenly in or near construction zones. If a driver is tailgating, a sudden slowdown could spell disaster not only for other drivers, but for the construction workers as well. So treat a construction zone like it would be gridlock.

Limit distractions – While the slow traffic of a construction zone can be boring, it may be tempting to check email, your stock portfolio and even Facebook while in bumper to bumper traffic. However, there may be instances where your attention is drawn too long and a rear-end collision may occur.

Stay calm – In the same vein, the stagnant traffic that occurs in construction zones can be nerve-wracking. Try to avoid getting frustrated and taking it out on other drivers. 

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