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20 People Killed in Upstate New York Limo Crash

Limousine accidents can result in catastrophic, even deadly injuries. If you or somebody you know was hurt in a limousine accident caused by carelessness or negligence, we believe we can help. Our trustworthy Syracuse personal injury attorneys will thoroughly investigate the crash and hold the responsible parties accountable. We know this process sounds daunting but you can trust that we will take care of each and every legal matter in your case so you can focus on your recovery.

Earlier this month, twenty people were killed following a limousine crash in Schoharie, New York. The limousine was headed to a birthday party when it failed to stop at an intersection and struck a parked vehicle. All seventeen passengers in the limo as well as the limo driver died instantly. In addition, two pedestrians near the unoccupied parked car were killed. There are still many unanswered questions about the cause of the crash. One thing is clear, however, the limousine had recently failed state inspection and was not supposed to be on the road at the time of the accident. In addition, the limo driver did not have the appropriate commercial driver’s license to be driving the limousine. As the investigation continues, these factors will undoubtedly be relevant.

Liability in New York Limo Accidents

If you or your family member has been injured in a limousine accident, a number of parties may be liable for the accident. These responsible parties may include:

  • The limousine driver: many limo accidents are caused by a limo driver’s negligence in the form of traffic law violations such as speeding, texting behind the wheel, drinking and driving, driving without a valid commercial driver’s license and/or another violation.
  • The limousine company: if a limousine company failed to hire a qualified limo driver, failed to maintain vehicles properly or failed to train drivers properly, that company could be liable for the accident.
  • The limousine maintenance company: if a limo maintenance company failed to inspect and maintain the vehicle properly and that failure caused an accident, the limo company can be liable.
  • Drivers of other vehicles: in some cases, the negligence of other drivers on the road may be the cause of the accident.

Negligence is the basis for the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits, including limo accidents. Negligence takes place when a person causes an accident and resulting injury by failing to use the level of care that a reasonably prudent person would use in the same or similar situation. For example, if a limo driver causes an accident because he or she was speeding excessively, that driver would likely be liable for negligence because a reasonably prudent limo driver would not engage in such conduct understanding the risk of accident associated with such behavior.

Syracuse Limo Accident Attorneys

Limousine accidents can lead to lifelong injuries and, in the worst cases, even death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a limo accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your harm. At DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers, our seasoned Syracuse auto accident attorneys have the experience and resources to effectively handle your claim. We have helped countless New York clients and can help you as well. For more information about your legal rights and options, call us at 315-479-9000 or contact us online.

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