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Defective products: a persistent threat to New York consumers

It hardly seems unreasonable to argue that a consumer in New York or anywhere else in the United States has the right to use purchased products in a confident manner.

Put another way: They shouldn’t explode, ignite, fail to engage as promised, collapse, start or shut off unexpectedly, or otherwise operate in a manner that injures their user.

There are state and federal laws that address such problems, and their origins are grounded in the sad reality that consumers flatly need to be legally protected against products that are negligently designed or manufactured, or that fail to adequately warn against dangers when used in certain ways.

Product liability law that addresses the widespread problem of defective products in the marketplace– a wide universe, indeed, that includes automotive parts, power tools, household goods and furnishings, toys, medical devices, medications and countless other possibilities — serves several critically important purposes.

We note one fundamental and central aim of this legal focus on the Product Liability page of our website at the personal injury law firm of DeFrancisco & Falgiatano (with offices in Syracuse and several other New York locations).

Namely, that is this: “to ensure that the costs of injuries resulting from defective products are borne by the parties who place [them] on the market.”

And here’s another goal of product liability law: to spotlight problematic actors that fail to take due care in protecting the individuals and families that put good-faith reliance in their products. Additionally, plaintiff damage recoveries can deter other entities who need to up their game in the design and manufacture of their wares.

DeFrancisco & Falgiatano attorneys have a demonstrated record of assisting clients who have been injured by shoddy products in many product liability cases. We welcome readers’ inquiries and close examination of our work in this important legal area.

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