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March 2016 Archives

Summertime fun can quickly turn tragic

As summertime rolls in, Syracuse residents will slowly thaw out and make their way outside to enjoy the great weather. It’s always a treat to be able to enjoy warm days outside and be more active. While we do our best to enjoy various activities, we also need to keep in mind that the summertime often brings more injuries.

Syracuse bicyclist hit by car, suffers head injury

According to statistics provided by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 47 bicyclists killed in our state in 2014. On top of that, more than 5,600 bicyclists were injured that year. That’s a hefty number to consider. In terms of deaths, even one bicycle-related death is one too many.

TNM system helps doctors describe cancer

In our last post we discussed the various stages of cancer. There are other ways for doctors to describe and understand the progression of a patient’s cancer. Doctors typically use the American Joint Committee on Cancer’s TNM system when describing a cancer’s stage. It’s important to remember that each type of cancer has its own TNM system as well.

You may end up filing an injury claim against someone you know

Car accidents come in all shapes and sizes. They may be simple fender-benders or involve dozens of cars in a large pileup. The negligent party might be the driver that hit you or it might be the driver of the vehicle that you were in.

Stages of cancer: what are they and why are they important?

There are many cancers out there that can quickly become deadly. Doctors often discuss cancer in terms of what stage it is in. It is important that a doctor performs all of the necessary tests in order to understand whether a patient has cancer and if so, what stage that cancer may be in. The stage a cancer is in has a lot of implications in terms of a person’s chances of survival. Let’s take a look at the different stages of cancer.

Medical errors can leave patients suffering serious consequences

There is always some potential for something to go wrong in terms of medical care. In some instances the problem that occurs is very minor and sometimes even goes unnoticed. In other circumstances, the issue could have some very serious consequences, especially if the problem is not identified in its early stages.

Motorcycle helmet requirements: what should you look for? (PART 2)

Today we continue our discussion about motorcycle helmet requirements. All riders are required to wear a helmet that meets federal standards in the state of New York, no matter their experience level or their age.

Motorcycle helmet requirements: what should you look for? (PART 1)

In our last post we discussed a couple of motorcycle laws that are specific to the state of New York. It’s important that all drivers understand these laws and obey them. Another important issue to consider for motorcyclists is the use of a helmet. In the state of New York, every motorcycle rider has to wear a helmet, no matter their age or experience level. While a helmet will not always help prevent injuries caused by a negligent driver, many lives are saved each year due to the use of motorcycle helmets.

New York motorcycle laws: riding two abreast and lane splitting

While most of us are pretty aware of the rules of the road as they pertain to driving a passenger vehicle, there are specific laws in our state that pertain specifically to motorcycle riders that our readers may want to be aware of. Knowing these laws, no matter whether you are a car driver or a motorcycle rider, can help keep you safe. If an accident occurs between a motorcyclist and a passenger car driver, these laws will have an impact on who is found liable for the crash.

Customers find glass in Nestle products

When we go to the grocery store to pick up our weekly meals, we tend to trust that the food that we are purchasing is safe to consume. We put a certain level of trust in the many products that are at the grocery store, especially if they are popular national brand names.

Where can I learn about car seat recalls?

In our last post about car seats and car seat safety, we wanted to discuss the very important topic of car seat recalls. Parents often do a lot of research when it comes to picking a car seat. They learn about the different types of seats and the state’s laws related to those seats. They buy the seat ahead of time and make sure to install it properly. They may even get it checked by a technician to make sure that everything is perfectly installed and ready to go.

Proper car seat installation is important

In this post we continue our discussion about the importance of child safety seats. The state of New York has specific laws that must be followed by anyone who is transporting a child in his or her vehicle. If an individual fails to follow these laws, they may be held liable if the child is injured in an accident.

What are the different types of child safety seats?

This week we are discussing the use of child safety seats in New York. In our last post we discussed the specific laws that our state has when it comes to using restraint systems and booster seats. While these systems do a great job at protecting our children, many parents do not really understand the different types of systems that are available.

Child seat safety laws in New York

New York, like every state across our country, has specific car seat laws. These laws are put in place in order to protect children who are traveling in vehicles. Children have fragile necks and spinal cords and need extra support and protection in the case of an accident. Just a seatbelt alone is not adequate enough to keep a child safe.

Family of injured child reach $30 million settlement

We hear about a lot of different types of medical malpractice cases but the stories that are often the hardest to hear about are those involving children. As parents, we will often trust medical professionals in terms of their treatment recommendations when our children are facing serious medical problems. We want what is best for our children and hope experienced medical professionals can help our family.

Self-driving cars: where does the liability lie?

Here’s an interesting topic to consider: self-driving cars. It may seem like a concept out of a futuristic movie, but as many of us know, it’s something that is quickly becoming a reality. It may not be commonplace to see a self-driving car right now, but they are out there.

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