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February 2016 Archives

Pistachios recalled due to possible salmonella contamination

In our last post of the week concentrating on the topic of recalls, we discuss the very dangerous threat of food contamination. When we think about food recalls we often think about foods that are easily contaminated such as raw meats or products that need to be refrigerated. The scary thing is that just about any food that is distributed nationally or even locally carries a risk for some sort of contamination. While some contaminations may be low-risk, others can have deadly effects. For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration does not mess around, and as soon as they learn about a possible contamination, they do their best to alert the public in an urgent fashion.

Hoverboard drama continues: may be seized or recalled

In our last post we started a discussion on recalls. The website is a great place to start if you are curious about what recalls are out there. Although the site exists, the big problem is that consumers can’t constantly be hovering on the site waiting for the next dangerous product to pop up on the screen. If you think about it, we buy tons of new products every week, from grocery items to articles of clothing to gasoline. Any product that a consumer can buy has a potential of being dangerous. There’s no way for consumers to constantly know if one of the products they bought over the last decade may eventually harm them.

Where can I find information about recalls?

This week we will be taking a deeper look at defective products and how the government issues recalls. We often hear about products being recalled from news reports either online or during a television broadcast. Some of our readers may wonder if there is one place they can go to find out about all possible recalls that could affect them.

Woman misdiagnosed with MS filed negligence claim

In our last post we started a discussion on the different types of cases that may involve misdiagnosis. While a small misdiagnosis may be temporarily inconvenient and may cause some serious frustration, if an individual lives out their life not treating the proper condition, it can be devastating.

What does a misdiagnosis look like?

We often talk about cases where someone was misdiagnosed by a medical professional. These cases can be extremely stressful because the victim may not be able to treat a condition properly if they do not know the facts. This situation can happen in many different ways.

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen year-round

When a snowstorm hits, many people take cover until it passes. Sometimes it’s the best option in order to avoid injuries due to slippery roads and sidewalks. Once the snowstorm subsides, the city works hard to clear the roads and sidewalks so that people can start commuting without a fear of being injured.

Consumers say hair care product causes hair loss, file lawsuit

Although most New York residents would hope that various industries are regulated in order to make sure a bad product does not injure consumers, that is simply not always the case. Take, for example, beauty products. Such products that do not make medical claims or contain drugs are not really regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nor can the administration force them to reveal results of their testing or make them recall a product. Unfortunately, some products end up slipping through the cracks and injuring many individuals.

Timely diagnosis important in urology conditions

There are many types of conditions that fall under the umbrella of urology. They could be as minor as bladder infections and as severe as prostate cancer. Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with the urinary system of both males and females and all disorders related to it. It may also deal with the male reproductive system.

Getting past the stigma of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit

There is a lot of stigma surrounding medical malpractice lawsuits. Some might think that far too many people file lawsuits against physicians or big entities every year in hopes of securing a big award. Considering they are covered by malpractice insurance, some might think that everyone is reaching for a chance to sue them.

Signs of a concussion and when to seek medical care

Head injuries can be quiet culprits when it comes to bodily injuries. Someone may collide with another person while playing football or hit their head on the window after being T-boned by another vehicle. While the individual may realize that they have been injured, the severity of the injury is often unknown.

Minimally invasive surgery leads to woman’s death

There is some risk associated with undergoing just about any surgery. Whether it’s a lifesaving surgery or a cosmetic one, people in our state make decisions every day to go under the knife. When patients hear that the surgery they need is “minimally invasive,” they may feel a bit more secure in its safety. Unfortunately, even a minimally invasive surgery can have tragic outcomes if medical negligence is involved.

Why do big-rig accidents happen?

Figuring out who was at fault in a car accident can sometimes be challenging. Although the cause of an accident may initially seem clear, an investigation into what happened may reveal more facts that are important to the cause of the accident.

Woman injured in car accident caused by man who overdosed

Car accidents happen all the time across our state. Many of them are typical fender benders that are frustrating and inconvenient. Unfortunately, a lot of other accidents happen due to the reckless and negligent behavior of drivers on the road. These accidents could and should be avoided, but instead often leave innocent bystanders injured.

E.coli outbreak in meat can lead to severe symptoms

A lot of our readers may have heard about the E.coli outbreak associated with Chipotle. It has reached our state and five others. It is not yet clear which food specifically caused the outbreak, but it does give us an opportunity to discuss food outbreaks in general.

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