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January 2016 Archives

No-fault law and how it relates to a car accident (PART 2)

In our last post we discussed what to do immediately after you have been involved in a car accident. These steps can be extremely crucial if you plan to seek compensation for any injuries that occurred due to an accident. This is especially true if the accident does not appear to be severe and police do not do a thorough investigation of what actually occurred.

No-fault law and how it relates to a car accident (PART 1)

When it comes to car accidents, New York is a no-fault state. Although this may sound like no one can be found liable for injuries that happen during an accident, that is not the case. While the no-fault law may bring some complications, it is something that can be conquered if an injured party takes the appropriate steps.

Britax recalls safety car seats due to faulty handle

When it comes to having a child, parents will go to great lengths to keep their child safe. Before bringing an infant into the world, parents will often research various purchases, such as cribs and child safety seats, in order to find the best and safest brand on the market.

Negligent behaviors on icy roads can lead to severe injuries

As the state of New York gears up for a snowy storm, it's important to remember safety rules as we navigate our roads. While individuals may feel justified in leaving their homes to run errands or make their way to work, it's also important to consider the current road conditions. No matter how good of a driver an individual might be, that driving ability may be no match for the road conditions that a storm can bring.

Scaffoldings can bring serious safety concerns in NYC

Premises liability cases happen as a result of many types of unsafe environments around the city. New York City and its surrounding areas are known for cramped spaces filled with heavy foot traffic at all times of the day. A person cannot enter the city without encountering one of its less-appealing structures: scaffolding.

Drowsy driving can be extremely dangerous

In many cities, rush hour can start long before the sun comes out. Working individuals often hit the snooze several times before rolling out of bed, getting dressed and hitting the road. It’s understandable then that a lot of early morning drivers may be sleepy as they navigate the roads on their way to work.

Public New York hospitals see increase in med mal cases

New York City has the largest municipal health care system in the United States. There are 11 public hospitals in New York City, which are run by the City Health and Hospitals Corporation. Because of its sheer size, it’s important for the city and for patients to know these hospitals’ medical malpractice statistics.

LAWSUIT: Ob-gyn procedure led to fetus' death

Certain rulings in medical malpractice cases can set a precedent for cases in the future. That's why it's important for attorneys who work with medical malpractice victims to keep up on incoming and current cases. The outcome of a recent medical malpractice case involving an obstetrics and gynecology doctor may set an example for how such cases could be handled in New York and across the United States.

Steps to take to try to avoid a motorcycle accident (PART 2)

In today’s post we continue our discussion on things motorcycle riders can do to try to avoid an accident. We use the word “try” because that is truly all a rider can do in situations where others are involved. We have seen many cases where even the most experienced and knowledgeable rider cannot avoid the mishaps of others.

Steps to take to try to avoid a motorcycle accident (PART 1)

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most tragic on the road. With a lack of protection from the actual vehicle, injuries can be horrific. On the other hand, motorcycles do have features such as excellent handling, tires that grip well and powerful breaks that help riders avoid accidents. Unfortunately, a rider may do everything in his or her power to avoid an accident, but still hurt by the negligence of another driver on the road.

Man checking on vehicle in embankment killed on I-81

Sometimes the best intentions turn out to have tragic outcomes. Just before the new year hit, a man who had gotten out of his vehicle on a New York interstate in order to check on another vehicle was hit by another vehicle and died on the scene.

Syracuse VA has relatively low medical malpractice claim numbers

Up until 1946, veterans who felt they were victims of medical malpractice that occurred at a VA medical center were unable to sue. Thankfully Congress passed the Federal Tort Claims Act that year, which gave veterans the right to seek compensation from the federal government for the injuries they suffered at the hands of federal employees.

Don’t forget to winterize your vehicle

Once winter comes along, many people know that it’s important to winterize their home. They may clean their gutters, flush the water heater, replace filters and cover their windows with insulation film. While we try not to forget our home in terms of winterization, some of us might forget that we need to winterize our vehicles as well. But what does that entail?

Following less-obvious winter driving tips could save your life

Car accidents can happen during any time of the year, but New York drivers are all too aware that the winter season brings many unique dangers that can lead to horrific accidents and injuries. While most drivers understand that they need to take extra precautions on snowy and icy winter roads, there are some tips that they may not be aware of.

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