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December 2015 Archives

Car accident personal injury cases come in many shapes and sizes

When our readers think about personal injury cases, they may first think about a two-car collision that happens on a New York road and leads to serious injuries. While this scenario does happen quite a bit, personal injury cases that result from car accidents can come in many different forms.

Five-car accident injures seven in New York

Many people hit the road almost daily in order to get to work or run errands. Most of those car rides will be uneventful and conclude with a safe arrival to the person’s intended destination. The possibility of a car accident may not even cross their mind as they take the same familiar route to work or to the grocery store. Unfortunately, accidents typically happen very suddenly and without little warning. This is especially the case when a vehicle is hit in a chain-reaction accident.

Early cancer diagnosis is important

Cancer is everywhere and affects pretty much every family. In fact, the National Cancer Institute says one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. That’s a very frightening reality. While there are numerous types of cancers, some can be much more devastating than others.

Fatal birth injuries can be devastating during the holidays

While there are children born every day across the state of New York, there’s nothing like expecting a child during the holiday season. Some might see it as an extra special holiday gift. It can be a wonderful experience as family members come in from all over the country, and the whole family awaits the arrival of a new member to the family.

Stress, drinking and car accidents during the holiday season

The holidays can be extremely stressful for some people. While most hope to spend the holidays relaxing in front of a fire, that is not always how it turns out. Many individuals are out running around trying to get presents, planning holiday parties and attending work events. There is a lot to get done and a lot of people to see.

New York crash involving garbage truck kills two in car

A recent car accident involving a truck may result in an investigation as to who was at fault and whether there was negligence involved. The accident happened on Long Island and involved a garbage truck and a BMW. The accident apparently happened at about 4 a.m. in an intersection. The two vehicles collided, killing both individuals in the BMW. When the vehicles collided, there was apparently a very loud explosion of flames.

Hospital works to decrease medical errors, malpractice suits

Although a medical malpractice lawsuit win can often lead to compensation for the victims involved, it also serves another purpose. It hopefully motivates the physicians and medical entities to change their safety procedures so the negligence doesn’t happen again.

Women bitten by cat files medical malpractice lawsuit

Most of the time when someone goes into a New York hospital with a minor issue, it stays a minor issue. The doctors at the hospital are able to treat the ailment and send the patient home with follow up instructions. But once in a while, for one reason or another, a seemingly minor injury can snowball into something that is very debilitating or even disabling.

30-year-old woman killed in New York car accident

Losing a loved one any time of the year is difficult, but it can be especially hard during the holiday season. Most people are planning holiday get-togethers and thinking of what to buy each other. No one ever expects to suddenly lose a loved one in a senseless car accident.

Women claim defective birth control packaging led to pregnancies

An old product recall case has sparked a lawsuit brought by nearly 120 women against a pharmaceutical company. The recall happened back in 2011 and involved birth control pills. The pills were apparently packaged out of order, which potentially left women vulnerable to pregnancy. More than half a million blister packs were recalled after one customer noticed the pills were out of order.

Survey asks physicians why they got sued

We constantly discuss a variety of medical malpractice cases on our blog, but sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture. Looking at the issue as a whole can sometimes help the medical field understand where they are lacking and what they can do better in order to not cause injury to their patients.

Syracuse University suffers brain injury after boxing incident

When someone experiences an injury, it can be temporary or permanent. Many types of injuries are immediately noticed and medical care is provided. One of the more difficult types of injuries to diagnose and cure is a brain injury. It may happen during a car accident, work accident or during a fall or athletic event. Brain injuries can come in many forms and in many severities. They can lead to memory loss, nausea, headaches, dizziness and sensory problems, among others.

Cosmetic surgery: what questions should I ask?

In our last post we started discussing cosmetic surgery. This type of surgery has a large range of risks that come with it, just as other surgeries do. Although there are risks involved, many people still make the decision to go through with the surgery. One of the best ways to prepare for such a surgery is to make sure you find a surgeon you are comfortable with and to ask the right questions.

Cosmetic surgery: what are the risks?

Many people go under the knife daily throughout the country as surgeons perform routine and life-saving surgeries. While there are many types of surgeries performed on a daily basis, one of the more controversial types is cosmetic surgery. In most cases cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery meaning the person who is having it done has scheduled it in advance and it doesn’t involve a medical emergency situation.

Burn injuries can be severe and very painful

When an accident happens, there is a wide variety of injuries that can occur, from broken bones to scrapes to concussions. One of the more painful injuries that may occur during a car accident or from a defective product is a burn injury.

Man dies in crash after other driver fails to stop at stop sign

Car accidents happen throughout Syracuse and the state of New York every day. While they are unfortunate, many of them are merely fender-benders that take up time and bring stress to the day. But for the truly unlucky, these accidents can bring severe injuries or even death.

What to do if a holiday gift causes you injury

During the holiday season, a lot of new products will enter the home. Kids will receive new toys and parents will receive new long-awaited gadgets. It is a time of year that many are very excited about. Once the presents are unwrapped, the new products will usually get their fair share of use, especially in the months to come. The hope, of course, is that these products bring joy to those that receive them, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

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