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October 2015 Archives

Man in critical condition after 11-car accident on I-81

One moment you are on the road on your way to work and the next you are involved in a complicated car accident. No one wishes to be part of this scenario, but many people unfortunately experience it at some point in their life. When it does happen, the best case outcome would be a light fender-bender with no injuries. That was not the case in a recent accident in Syracuse.

Surgical errors may lead to complications in bariatric surgery

Many surgeries performed across the country are truly lifesaving. One type of surgery that has helped many people in New York is known as bariatric surgery. This type of surgery, commonly known as weight loss surgery, helps a person lose weight and regain their health. Probably the most well-known of these surgeries is the gastric bypass, although there are quite a few others such as the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, the duodenal switch, and the sleeve gastrectomy. Some of these surgeries are purely restrictive, meaning the surgery physically limits the amount of food a person can eat, while others use malabsorption in order to lessen the amount of nutrients and calories that are absorbed by the body.

Help your child live a better life after a birth injury

When a woman finds out she is pregnant after trying to conceive, it is oftentimes a very joyous time. This moment is followed by months of ultrasounds, preparation, announcements, and baby showers. Many couples do their research to find the best medical professionals to help them during the process and prepare them for the birth. When the day to give birth comes, they rely on that medical professional in hopes of having a safe laboring process and delivering a healthy baby.

Could a distracted driving ticket help in your accident claim?

It is only a matter of time before the New York State Police conducts its fall ticketing campaign for distracted driving. State troopers are aimed to remind people of how dangerous distracted driving can be and why it is illegal. Drivers can expect police in marked and unmarked cars to be on the streets throughout central New York to catch people in the act of using their cell phones while behind the wheel.

Former prison inmate brings medical malpractice lawsuit

Generally we don’t think about medical care in New York’s prison system. It is not a common topic that we see on news reports; and because of this, it is like prisoners are out of sight and out of mind. Despite this, prison inmates can still be victims of medical malpractice just like people in our own communities.

Risks contributing to truck accidents: yes, there are many

We note on our legal website the often devastating consequences that ensue for New York drivers and occupants in passenger vehicles when they become involved in crashes or collisions featuring large commercial trucks.

Could the new IPhone 6 be hazardous to consumers?

The fanfare behind the new IPhone 6 Plus may not have been as great as prior IPhone releases, but customers appear generally happy with the new smartphone iteration. However, with each new phone release, there the expected defects and bugs that can drive customers crazy, and the IPhone 6 Plus is no different.

Spinach recall could affect thousands in New York

While a number of our posts have focused on automotive recalls, there are many other product recalls that can affect our readers in different ways. For instance, everyone at some time goes to the grocery store to buy food. In the last few weeks, a number of important food recalls have been initiated.

Should I seek recovery from medical error in malpractice litigation?

A recent article in Becker’s ASC Review took a look at a number of interesting facts surrounding medical malpractice litigation, including statistics on the incidence of medical malpractice claims, average payouts, which specialists are most at risk for litigation, and inconsistencies in settlement agreements.

What to expect when consulting an attorney

Surviving an accident is only one step in your recovery. There may be medical procedures you have to go through, rehabilitation that takes place and even repairs that may need to be done. Before all of this takes place, it may be necessary to consult an experienced personal injury attorney for advice and direction on how their claim can be addressed.

What to expect when consulting a personal injury attorney

Surviving an accident is only one step in your recovery. There may be medical procedures you have to go through, rehabilitation that takes place and even repairs that may need to be done. Before all of this takes place, it may be necessary to consult an experienced personal injury attorney for advice and direction on how their claim can be addressed.

What to do to avoid accidents with deer

How costly and dangerous can an accident with a deer be? Consider this: according to an American Family Insurance report, the insurance provider paid more than 32,000 claims for deer collision accidents in 2010, which resulted in more than $85 million in payments. As fall begins, deer migration is an important hazard for drivers to look out for especially at sunrise and sunset; which are common times for deer to cross roads. This is especially true in November, as the risk of deer accidents occurring are three times as higher compared to other months.

Debunking myths about trucking safety

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted the dangers that semi-truck pose to the driving public. Indeed, truck drivers are specially trained to handle the largest vehicles on the road, but there are a number of myths that are prevalent that could lead to truck accidents. Through this post, we will highlight these myths and the truths that dispel them. 

Why checking blind spots is important

When young drivers first learn about operating a car, they may not understand the importance of checking their blind spot. After all, it may be a foreign concept because they may not be used to looking over all of the areas before making a lane change. However, even some of the most experienced drivers may forget to look over their shoulder every once in a while.

Was a defective humidifier to blame in a house fire?

A dehumidifier was reportedly responsible for causing a house fire in the town of Marcellus on Thursday evening. According to a report, firefighters from several departments responded just before midnight to put out the fire. Because of such a quick response, the small fire that was found in the basement was quickly put out before it could spread to the rest of the house.

The top excuses for road rage.

While the summer driving season may be over, the occasional frustrations that come with driving will stay throughout the fall, and likely into the winter. Because of this, the threat of road rage and the potential for accidents will be something that drivers will have to deal with as long as they are behind the wheel.

The duties a driver has in avoiding pedestrian accidents

As we noted in a prior post, the change of seasons means that drivers must continue to use reasonable care while behind the wheel; especially during the morning hours, since there are people walking to school, riding bikes and taking morning runs. Because of this, drivers must pay attention to pedestrians and use reasonable care while behind the wheel.

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