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August 2015 Archives

Why restaurants should be careful about throwing food

When you think about the diners and eateries featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” there are many quirky restaurants featured; but the common theme with all of these restaurants is that they have great food, great service and great stories about how they were founded.

Sanitizing robots could be seen in hospitals before we know it

In our last post, we highlighted how surgeries could soon be recorded, and that legislation was pending on making this mandatory for all surgical rooms. The increased use of technology in these venues is not likely to end with barcoding surgical instruments and recording procedures.

Could future surgeries be recorded?

The increased use of body cameras by police agencies across the United States has been a hot button issue in 2015. Some departments may see it as an expensive proposition to protect what the integrity of their work when it is not necessary, while civil rights groups believe it will level the playing field when making excessive force claims.

FDA approves the use of OxyContin for young patients

In a prior post, we highlighted the practice, as well as the dangers of off-label marketing. For those unfamiliar with the practice, off-label marketing (or use) is when doctors prescribe medications for uses that they were not intended for, or approved of by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Because of the long and arduous process of gaining approval through the FDA, off-label marketing and uses has become commonplace. A prime example of a successful off-label use is Viagra, which was initially intended as a drug to lower blood pressure, but is now the most famous erectile dysfunction drug in the world.

What to know when buying a car - Part I

Labor Day weekend is known for different things depending on who you are. If you are thinking about the last summer holiday, Labor Day represents the last opportunity to get out to a vacation hotspot before fall begins. If you are a student, classes have likely started and after this holiday the only break you will get is during Thanksgiving.

85,000 Chrysler 200's to be recalled

As we near the end of August, it is common for dealerships to advertise steep discounts for prior model year vehicles in an attempt to make room for new cars as they are introduced by automakers. This year is no different. As Chrysler dealerships make room for 2016 Chrysler 200 models, 2015 models will generate a discount, and sales of the prior model will expectedly go up.

After death of children, IKEA warns consumers not to use chests and dressers

IKEA is currently being sued by the grieving mother of a little boy who died in February 2014 after a piece of furniture made by the manufacturer tipped over and fell on him. The suit claims that IKEA was aware of the tip-over risk but failed to provide the hardware necessary to prevent accidents.

Several people sickened by carbon monoxide fumes inside Walmart

It is unusual to talk about shopping center disasters outside of Black Friday sales, but invariably shoppers can be hurt in stores even without a crush of people involved. Last week, shoppers at a Walmart in Florida were exposed to carbon monoxide and were taken to the hospital. In all, 13 shoppers were treated for poisoning.

What could have caused an Oswego diner to catch fire?

City landmarks are cherished venues, and they have a knack for standing the test of time. However, sometimes landmarks can succumb to disasters; as did an iconic restaurant in Oswego. According to a report, Wade’s Diner was severely damaged by a fire last night. The popular restaurant had been serving customers for more than 75 years.

The stoplight turns 100 this month

The next time you are in a traffic jam in downtown Syracuse, are frustrated with metering lights or are waiting for traffic to loosen up, you may wonder if the traffic signal gods simply don’t have your best interests in mind. You may also wonder if the traffic signal was invented yesterday and whether it will ever evolve.

Could your sunroof be at risk

With the number of recalls being initiated this year, it is expected that mechanical items such as tires, brakes and acceleration systems could be recalled for adjustments or replacements. It would not be expected that the glass that allows  drivers to see could also lead to their undoing.

Understanding the factors behind road rage

The summer driving season is about to come to a climatic end in a few weeks. The Labor Day holiday weekend is traditionally the last holiday of the summer, so millions of Americans take to the road to get to their favorite destinations; especially if they did not get to do so during Memorial Day weekend or the Fourth of July.

Change of protocol for neonatal care unit cut back on mistakes

Imagine for a moment that you work in a neonatal care unit. A baby has just been born, but with some complications. You and your fellow medical professionals need to take care of this baby, as well as myriad other babies, that are in your neonatal care unit. So, here is the question: since this baby was just born and the parents haven't decided on a name yet, how do you identify this baby? In fact, how do you identify all the babies? What naming protocol would you come up with?

NTSB calls for crash avoidance systems in all cars

If you are in the market for a new car, chances are that the salespeople you meet will tout their vehicle’s advance safety warning features. What began a few years ago as a unique perk only seen on luxury models such as Lexus and Mercedes Benz has found its way to mainstream models in Chevrolet, Ford and Honda vehicles.

Trucking company fined for suspending sick driver

The trucking industry can be a brutal, unforgiving, and time sensitive business. This means that things that keep trucks off the road and moving are dealt with harshly. Suffice it to say, traffic is the enemy. Weigh stations are received with disdain. And illnesses? They happen, but it is more likely than not that a driver will be behind the wheel while sick and even tired.

Manufacturer recalls nearly 90,000 tires

If there is one thing, besides your engine, that it is wise to maintain during the summer driving season, it is your tires. Often overlooked, tires provide the ability for cars to maneuver around hazards and stay on the road in inclement weather. For the most part, tires are fairly reliable. But when they are compromised, either because of excessive wear or design defects, the results can be catastrophic.

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