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June 2015 Archives

Common injuries suffered in car accidents

With the Fourth of July weekend approaching, it is likely that people across central New York will be travelling to their favorite vacation spots. In fact, with gas prices considerably lower than they were last year, it would not be surprising if more people were on the road this week. With higher traffic volumes comes the greater chance for an accident.

Motorcycle safety during the Fourth of July holiday

It may seem like it has come so fast, but the height of the summer is almost here. No, we are not talking about the vernal equinox (i.e. the longest day of the year). Instead, it is the Fourth of July holiday weekend. This time of year is ripe for riding motorcycles. If you are a driver, you should expect to see more riders than usual. If you are a motorcycle rider, it is important for you to take the following tips to heart next weekend. 

Key pieces of evidence in car accident cases

With all the miles that you may drive in a certain year, you hardly expect to be in an accident. Nevertheless, no matter how careful you may be, an accident may happen. In these instances, it is helpful to have as much information as possible so that you can resolve the case without having to resort to legal action.

High chlorine levels sickens dozens at public pool

In our last post, we highlighted the dangers that young children, and some adults alike, face when at the water park or at someone’s backyard pool. Essentially, people who are not strong swimmers could be in distress and supervisory people may not even know it. And to avoid a tragedy, homeowners and park personnel both have a duty to use reasonable care in making sure a person does not drown.

When should the umbilical cord be clamped?

The birth of a child is a simply wonderful event. Part of it is the joy of finally being able to meet a being that has been growing inside his mother’s womb, and the other is the happiness that comes with loving someone who loves you unconditionally as well. But with every birth, the risk of complications exists, which is why birth centers have detailed protocols that they must follow in order to limit the risks of infection and injury.

Will driverless cars drive like "grandmas"?

The world isn’t ready for self-driving cars, but it might as well get accustomed to them, because they are coming whether we like it or not. Depending on the automaker, there is likely to be more than 10,000 miles of test driving before a driverless car is sold in the U.S.

Could you be buying a flood damaged car?

Everyone likes a bargain; especially when it comes to buying a car. So when you see what appears to be a late model car with next to no miles on it for a great price, it certainly may be worth investigating. Not just because a great bargain is to be had, but because you may be unknowingly buying a flood damaged car.

How PTSD can manifest itself in accident victims

In a prior post, we noted how comedian Tracy Morgan settled his lawsuit with Wal-Mart stemming from the horrific crash last summer that left him severely injured and killed his best friend. We reported that Morgan was pleased that Wal-Mart “stepped up” and compensated him for his injuries. However, he was still emotionally scarred from losing his friend and the slow recovery process he has endured, even a year after the accident.

Swimming pool safety basics

As we have noted in a number of our posts, summer is the time for road trips. But for those who like enjoying the outdoors without driving hundreds of miles to a destination, a pool party would likely do the trick. But for people who open their homes for these parties, it is important to know and understand the safety responsibilities homeowners have.

Can smart cars still be susceptible to human error?

It’s no secret that several automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo along with Google are racing to develop self-driving vehicles (or at least extended autonomous features) in a push to eliminate some of the common accidents that occur because of human error. After all, a self-driving car ostensibly will not give in to road rage, will not drive while under the influence of alcohol, and will not disobey speed limits because the driver is late.

Can physicians be drug addicts?

In our society, drug addiction is a prominent problem. According to a number of media reports, 10 to 14 percent of Americans struggle with a drug problem. When we think of drug addicts, however, the images that are likely conjured are of dirty, disheveled individuals who live in dilapidated houses (or on the street) and are one step away from losing their lives, since they have already lost so much else.

What a doctor may argue in defending a medical malpractice case

Medical malpractice accusations can be staunchly defended. After all, physicians, who have been trained since college to be right all of the time, do not take kindly to having their expertise questioned. Nevertheless, this is what occurs in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Why doctors should document concussion symptoms

Indeed, there are more than 90 days before the first National Football League games will be played in September, but it is not too early to discuss the dangers of concussions in sports. After all, the concussion protocol was discussed during the NBA playoffs after Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors was inadvertently kneed in the head during the conference finals. Also, it was rumored that LeBron James may have suffered one after he hit his head on a camera.

Why drivers should not use their cell phones behind the wheel

Although we are weeks away from the big Fourth of July holiday weekend, the summer driving season has already begun in earnest. Between now and the next holiday weekend, tens of thousands of drivers will travel across the state to various vacation spots. One of the perks of getting away these days is knowing that you can still stay connected. This is why cell phone and tablet use has grown over the past few years. 

Three things patients can do to uphold their rights

When we go to the hospital or seek treatment for an injury, we inherently trust our doctors to act in our best interests. After all, why wouldn’t we? We know that physicians go through an inordinate amount of training and they know about how ailments and diseases are caused and treated. However, there are some instances where their training and experience may not give them the right answers. Also, as a patient, you know your body better than anyone, and sometimes a treatment may not be as beneficial as it needs to be.

How susceptible are you to road rage?

With the summer driving season in full swing, one of the expectations that drivers must have is that gas prices will be going up. However, they are substantially lower than prices were last year around this time of year. Because of this, it is expected that more people will be on the road; especially when the next holiday weekend (the Fourth of July) comes around.

What the NHTSA is looking for in its Jeep investigation

In a prior post this year, we noted that some safety advocates predicted that there would be more recalls in 2015 than in 2014, despite last year having the most recalls on record. With the continuing expansion of airbag recalls involving those manufactured by Takata, it appears that the prediction may eventually come true.

Why you should be aware of burn injuries

One of the great things about the summer is being able get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. There are countless lakes and river recreation areas for people to do just that. Especially with the harsh winters in our region, it behooves people to enjoy the summer time. However, the hot summer weather could leave people vulnerable to burns.

Rehabilitation costs in personal injury cases

If you see commercials for personal injury attorneys, it is common for them to advertise how much they have been able to recover for their clients. We think this is fair (obviously) because the recoveries are a vehicle for accident victims to understand that they do have rights and that they can move on from horrific accidents.

The future of medical research with pregnant women

Medical research is essentially the lifeblood of innovation. Without it, medical professionals likely do not learn more about what ails their patients or how to avoid certain conditions before they become problems. Indeed, medical research is important in combating various forms of cancer and learning how different drugs and treatments affect it. The same could be said about other non-fatal conditions such as depression and diabetes.

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