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February 2015 Archives

Why review of cleaning standards is important

When you think about bacteria, chances are that you are trying to avoid the harmful effects that come from it. After all, bacteria is commonly followed by sickness and disease; and if you have something caused by harmful bacteria, chances are that you are being prescribed antibiotics to get rid of it.

Autism study raises questions about iron intake during pregancy

The fear of autism in an unborn child is a very real concern for pregnant mothers; especially those who carry the common risk factors along with a child in their womb. Expectant mothers who are over 35 or have weight concerns or other metabolic issues such as diabetes or hypertension are prime candidates for giving birth to autistic children.

School bus drivers must drive safely

In all of our posts about traffic safety (i.e. driving in inclement weather) we have not discussed school bus safety. It is about time that we do so, given that school bus drivers drive thousands of miles around central New York with children on board every month. Additionally, bus drivers are under a higher level of scrutiny given the precious nature of their passengers.

What should you do if you hit black ice?

If you are tired of snow and icy conditions, chances are that you are not alone. There’s a reason why the weather patterns in our region have made headline news. Nevertheless, enduring the weather is what makes us strong, resilient and appreciative of spring. In the meantime, we must drive in these conditions, and that is not always easy despite the snow plows and salt trucks that patrol our streets.

What is discovery and how will it affect my case?

Part of resolving a premises liability claim involves investigating it. This includes gaining information that the property owner (or ownership group) is likely to rely on in marshalling a defense a plaintiff’s claims. The process of obtaining such information is called discovery, and it is a critical part of litigation.

Several hospital patients infected by 'superbug'

We have noted in a number of our posts the responsibilities hospitals have to keep patients safe from harm. This includes following established protocols for preparing patients for surgery, monitoring their vitals for potential abnormalities, and listening to their concerns about medications and treatments.

Could spinal cord stimulation be used to mask surgical mistakes?

Since its approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 1989, spinal cord stimulation has become an important measure in treating chronic back pain, especially if other methods have not generated success. The treatment involves neurostimulation of the area where the source of pain is found. In essence, an electrical current is sent to the area, which creates a pleasant sensation and blocks the brain’s ability to sense the previous pain.

How can malpractice be determined in birth injury cases

As a parent, few things in life are as traumatic as learning that your new baby may be subject to severe or permanent damage due to a birth injury. Conditions such as cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy can have life altering consequences and it is natural to want to hold the hospital and physicians liable for your new baby’s life sentence.

More than just automakers will have recalls in 2015

In a prior post, we highlighted the record number of vehicles that were recalled in the United States last year. According to a recent New York Times report, 803 recalls were initiated last year that covered 64 million vehicles. Indeed, a large number of recalls were due to federal regulators calling for manufacturers to take action. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had 123 investigations that led to recalls. The others were due to automakers calling for cars to be brought back on their own initiatives. 

What to ask before hiring a medical malpractice attorney

If you have been injured or sickened by a doctor or mistreated by hospital staff, your recovery should be your highest priority. However, negligent physicians and hospitals should be held accountable for the actions (or inaction) and a medical malpractice lawsuit may be necessary to achieve this.

Just how effective are surgical masks anyway?

If there is anything that is synonymous with a hospital setting, it is the surgical mask. It is almost as common for medical personnel as the standard scrubs are. The idea of a surgical mask is that it is to protect against the transmission of germs. But are surgical masks as effective as they are thought to be, especially considering the throes of flu season and the recent outbreaks of the measles?

You are 'Not Alone' with the BIAA

With a number of our posts, we describe how brain injuries can occur and how they can be prevented. In car accidents, airbags can keep people from head trauma that can occur by hitting a dashboard, steering wheel, or even a window. With sports, new equipment can disburse the impact of a blow to the head, and updated concussion protocols can reduce the chances of a player being severely injured after suffering a concussion. Also, hours of service rules can reduce the likelihood of a crash caused by a drowsy trucker.

Will 'Groundhog Day' return tomorrow?

While Groundhog Day was last week, it appears that Central New York is mired in a case of the same. No, people are not depending on the proximity of spring based on seeing their shadows. Rather, they seem to be stuck in the same day, just like Bill Murray was in his hit movie. The snow and ice storms that battered the region last weekend was apparently the culprit in another massive pileup.

Assessing a pregnant woman after a car accident

While we have focused a number of our posts on car accidents, as medical malpractice attorneys, we also handle cases where pregnancy injuries are misdiagnosed or mistreated. While it is uncommon for pregnant women to be involved in car accidents, they do occur; and in these instances, medical personnel must be ready and available to take extra precautions when assessing the extent of injuries to both mother and child.

Political clout featured at Patient Safety Movement summit

A recurring theme on our blog is what patients, hospitals and medical personnel can do to eliminate patient deaths. It is an important topic because of how many preventable deaths occur each year.  To put it into perspective (if you haven't followed our blog before) deaths due to hospital errors are the third leading cause of death of adults in the United States according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Patient Safety.

Wal-Mart reportedly settles wrongful death suit

The trucking industry is arguably suffering with the weather that is affecting the northeast. There are reports of trucking accidents throughout the region, mainly due to snowy and icy roads. It suggests that there are sometimes instances where drivers, despite their efforts to use reasonable care, can be involved in accidents.

Winter storm creates havoc on the roads

When you think of the phrase "oh, the weather outside is frightful" you may think about how cute the snow is during the holiday season. In the first week of February, however, the snow is just an eyesore and may be behind seasonal depressive disorder. Nevertheless, another snowstorm is bearing down on Central New York.

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