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January 2015 Archives

An ideal weekend for sports fans

For sports fans, this weekend is made for snowstorms. Oh by the way, another swath of storms is expected through the end of the week. So if you are poised to sit on the couch and watch college basketball, hockey games, and Super Bowl XLIX, no one is going to be upset with you.

Types of brain injuries revealed

On our blog we have discussed the many ways that people can suffer brain injuries; especially in the context of auto accidents, sports injuries, and arguably the most common way...falls. We have noted how important it is for physicians and medical personnel to make quick, yet educated, decisions about how to treat a brain injury.

Your back pain could be a spinal infection

In a number of posts we have written, we have highlighted the continuing problem of medical conditions being caused by delays in diagnoses. Essentially, such a delay could lead to a minor condition that would require little treatment progressing to a serious one that would require surgery or other invasive treatments.

Here we go again. Another snowstorm.

Just when you thought that winter hasn't been so bad with regard to snow, a major winter storm is bearing down on our region and threatens to bring at least a foot of snow before all is said and done on Tuesday. Indeed, we have had our share of snow this season, but since the last major snow storm before Christmas, things have been relatively light.

Listening may be effective in preventing medical errors

We have written a number of times about how physicians and medical staff have a duty to use reasonable care while tending to patients they are assigned to. Indeed, the main impetus behind medical malpractice cases is the failure to use such care (i.e. acting as a physician with similar experience would in a given situation), but often malpractice cases may start even before this.

How deaths after premature births can be avoided

It is difficult enough to bring a baby who is full term into the world. For babies who are premature, caring for them is no less important, but can be difficult as well. However, modern medicine is enabling more pre-term babies to survive. However, pre-term births are still extremely dangerous. According to, about one in four extremely premature births results in the death of a newborn.

Study suggests that defensive medicine still persists

We have written before on the concept of defensive medicine and the monetary effect that it has on health care costs. Essentially, many doctors have become used to performing unnecessary tests to rule out potential conditions out of fear of being sued for malpractice down the road. This practice has been chronicled as one of the reasons for the dramatic and continuing increase in care costs.

Black ice blamed for multi-car pileups in New York

If you are venturing out today, it is likely that you have heard warnings about black ice being present on roads across New York. Streets and highways likely provided drivers on Sunday with harrowing experiences because of the thin, invisible sheets of ice that coat the roads once freezing rain actually freezes on the ground.

Facility where Joan Rivers suffered fatal complication loses accreditation, certification

Following increased scrutiny since the death of comedian Joan Rivers in September, Yorkville Endoscopy—the facility where Rivers was receiving care prior to her death—will reportedly be losing recognition as an accredited and certified facility for insurance purposes.

Patient ignored in emergency room falls into coma

It is tough enough going to an emergency room after a serious injury, you shouldn’t have to wait an eternity in order to get medical attention. Unfortunately, patients can fall through the cracks in the midst of a busy trauma center, and may not be seen in a reasonable amount of time. When this happens, what may be a commonly treatable injury may progress into something worse and life threatening.

U.S. Hospitals struggle in quality study

Sometimes you wish that the old adage “you get what you pay for” applied to everything in life. For the most part, it does. If you want to pay extra for a luxury vehicle, it will have features and overall performance that outshines an economy vehicle. The same goes for paying for first class tickets on an airplane as opposed to paying coach.

Disneyland deemed safe after measles outbreak

The place that is dubbed “the happiest place on earth” may have been anything but joyful for a number of people who contracted measles while at Disneyland and its adjacent park, Disney’s California Adventure. According to a recent USA report, health officials linked the outbreak to patrons who attended the park between December 15 and December 20.

Worker killed in elevator shaft accident

There are a number of dangerous jobs in New York. From working on a construction site to protecting the public as a police officer, jobs that come with a certain amount of risk are completed every day without people being injured. However, accidents do happen, and when they do, an injured worker may be able to assert their rights and seek compensation.

Relaxed HOS regulations should not change safety expectations

It may go without saying that driving in upstate New York can be difficult during this time of year. After all, we recently posted on how ice missiles that come off a semi truck's trailer are hardly friendly to drivers following behind them. But snow covered hazards are probably the least of a driver's worries. It is whether a truck driver is too sleepy to be behind the wheel.

How long do I have to bring a medical malpractice suit?

With all the posts we have written about medical malpractice, part of the reason that some may not bring malpractice suits is that they may not realize that their injuries or ailments were actually caused by a doctor’s mistake. Additionally, some may have questions about whether they can bring a lawsuit, given how much time has passed since the surgery, diagnosis, or procedure they underwent.

How pedestrians can be safe during the winter

Living with treacherous sidewalks and parking lots is a way of life in upstate New York. After all, with all the snow that we receive during the winter (and unfortunately sometimes during the spring) you would think that store and building owners would know that they have a legal duty to keep entry ways and parking lots reasonably free of snow and ice.

Why properly screening head injuries is important

While we have written a number of posts on injuries suffered through auto accidents, it is also important to realize that head injuries (particularly concussions) can be suffered through a number of ways. In fact, more than two million people will suffer head injuries severe enough to send them to the hospital  this year.

Why medical malpractice may not always be based on human error

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted the notion that some physicians believe that they are not mistake prone. Essentially that there is a culture that doctors should not confront their colleagues about mistakes made in treating (or diagnosing) patients. This rigidity about making (or being accountable) for mistakes is particularly troubling, especially when the specter of human error is simply a part of life.

Why drivers should be aware of ice missiles

If you live in upstate New York, driving in the snow is a part of life during the winter months. Of course, being able to navigate snowy roads is important, and knowing how to avoid accidents on icy roads is also critical. Nevertheless, the following post on ice missiles is something that every winter driver should be aware of.

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