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May 2014 Archives

Judge denies new medical malpractice trial for doctors, hospital

Back in January a Brooklyn woman was awarded $62 million for severe medical malpractice, but the three doctors that were at fault, along with the Winthrop University Hospital in Long Island, disputed the award and filed for a new trial. The medical professionals claimed that the evidence did not support the verdict and that the jury should have found for the physicians. A Supreme Court justice, however, recently ruled in favor of the woman, denying the doctors' and hospital's motion.

Teenager causes fatal accident on Long Island

It is still not entirely clear what happend earlier this month, but it appears that a teenager swerved into oncoming traffic, causing serious injuries and some of his or her passengers' deaths. Without knowing who was actually behind the wheel, it is impossible to say whether the driver survived the crash, or if he or she was one of the few survivors. Ultimately, however, the families of passengers who died or the fortunate few who survived the crash can still file wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits, respectively.

2 die, 61 infected after hospital and doctors fail to diagnose TB

Patients who are feeling sick or experiencing worrisome symptoms often seek medical help. In many cases, doctors are able to quickly and accurately diagnose an individual's condition and prescribe appropriate medications. In other cases, however, doctors err in their attempts to diagnose an individual's illness or disease. When a failure to diagnose occurs, the consequences can be devastating and result in an individual suffering permanent injury, disability and even death.

Women in their second trimesters at greater risk of accidents

Anyone in Syracuse who has tried interacting with pregnant women likely knows about "pregnancy brain." Though not all women have trouble concentrating while pregnant, a number of women find it harder to think through things than when they weren't pregnant. At least one author of a recent study thinks that may be why women in their second trimester of pregnancy are at a great risk of a car accident. If it is true that pregnancy brain is one of the major contributors to that increase in crashes, it is just further proof that distractions are dangerous behind the wheel.

Fungus believed to cause numerous deaths transported by linens

Even though people realize that hospitals are filled with numerous infectious diseases, not many people in Oneida think too much about hospital-acquired infections. The problem is, however, that approximately 75,000 people die each year because of infections they caught in hospitals, at least according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This also means that there are far more people who get sick, need to extend their hospital stays or otherwise suffer damages yet survive hospital-acquired infections.

Brother of Duchess of Cornwall slips, falls, dies of head injury

The Duchess of Cornwall, the wife of Prince Charles, lost her brother late last month after he slipped and fell outside of a bar in New York City. Though the details of the fall are not entirely clear, his death calls into question whether any unsafe conditions were present and whether the bar's owner might be held responsible for the man's death. Of course, it is not known if the duchess' brother's family members will file a premises liability lawsuit or not, or even if there is enough evidence to support the bar owner's or the city's negligence.

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