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April 2014 Archives

Making distracted driving socially unacceptable

Even though there are still people who will get behind the wheel while drunk, drunk driving is still seen as morally reprehensible. There are not many people willing to make excuses for people who drive drunk, but when someone is driving while distracted by a cellphone or some other kind of electronic device, some people are willing to give him or her a pass. The problem is, however, that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and can cause the same types of injuries and death on New York's roads that drunk driving can.

Delays in diagnosis could create serious problems

Imagine you go to the doctor for a cough you just can't beat; it's something people in Syracuse do all the time. The doctor says what you likely already thought: it's a cold. He or she gives you a perscription-strength cough supressant and sends you on your way. The problem is, your cough isn't caused by a cold, but by lung cancer.

Could school, city have prevented student suicides?

Ithaca is a beautiful city and the Cornell campus has great views of its lovely gorges. Those gorges, however, have recently become the subject of a premises liability lawsuit following a Cornell student's death. Though the student did commit suicide, the young man's parents are alleging that both the school and the city were negligent in not doing more to prevent people from jumping or falling off of the bridges crossing the gorges.

New York man discovers malpractice when appendix wasn't removed

It is not that uncommon to suffer appendicitis, or the inflammation of the appendix. People in New York are diagnosed with the condition quite frequently, generally after they go to the hospital with intense pain and swelling in the abdomen. The only treatment is to have the appendix removed or risk it bursting, leaking pus and infection into the abdominal cavity. If the appendix is left in, a patient could die from peritonitis.

Medical malpractice payouts in New York

According to an annual report by Diederich Healthcare, total medical malpractice payouts in the state of New York amounted to roughly $39 per capita in both 2012 and 2013. That is the highest per capita rate in the nation—fifty percent higher than any other state. Given this information, one might be tempted to conclude that it is relatively easy to obtain compensation for medical malpractice in New York, but that would be a hasty conclusion.

30 studies agree: hands-free is just as dangerous as handheld

Anyone who drives in Syracuse should know that there is a complete ban in New York on texting while driving, but they might not also realize that there is a ban on using handheld cellphones behind the wheel, too. The reasoning is clear, using a handheld cellphone while driving is dangerous and it really doesn't matter if it is being used to text, surf the Internet or to talk on the phone. So, what about hands-free cellphones?

Learning from years of mistakes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of hospital-acquired infections is down. Though there may be other explanations as to why the rate of hospital infections has fallen since 2002, it would appear that hospitals are trying to avoid some of the problems of years past. Hospitals should certainly be commended for reducing their rate of illness, but there were still an estimated 722,000 hospital infections in 2011 alone.

Woman attacked by friend's dog, wins premises liability lawsuit

Although many people in Oneida may believe they could never file a lawsuit against a friend, when a friend's negligence causes serious injuries, they may change their minds. Of course no one wants to ruin a friendship, but when someone is facing numerous medical bills, missed work and a seriously upturned life, an individual may need to make a difficult choice. When injured in a friend's home, consulting a premises liability lawyer first could help to determine whether a lawsuit is even possible.

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