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Post-Term Pregnancy

Most pregnancies terminate at around 40 weeks of gestation age. Normal term for pregnancies is between 37 and 42 weeks. If a pregnancy lasts longer than 42 weeks, it is referred to as post-term pregnancy, which is very dangerous for the infant. Labor Induction by 40-41 Weeks is the Best Option

Medical literature and reports suggest that inducing the labor around the 40th or 41st week reduces the health risks of the baby and mother. Most obstetricians in practice also induce labor by 41 weeks. Labor induction by 41st weeks has many benefits such as:

  • Less fetal heart abnormalities
  • Lower rates of meconium-stained fluid
  • Reduced cesarean section delivery rates
  • Reduced oxygen deprivation problems
  • Low risk of prolonged labor and other labor complications

Extending the delivery after 40 weeks of pregnancy has no benefit. In fact, it is proven to be highly dangerous for the mother as well as the baby's life.

Pregnant women who cross their due date must become proactive for their delivery. They should insist the doctor or the medical staff to induce the labor or plan a C-section delivery before 41 weeks. Otherwise, the health of both the child and the mother will be at stake.

If your child suffers from a birth injury caused by issues related to a post-term pregnancy, you may be entitled to a compensation for the damages suffered.

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Risk Factors

The risk factors that increase the likelihood for an extended pregnancy are:

  • Advanced maternal age
  • Genetic factors
  • Male gender of the fetus
  • Maternal Obesity
  • Mother's first pregnancy
  • Previous history of post-term pregnancy
Hazards of Post Term Pregnancy

There are numerous problems that may occur to both the baby and the mother if a pregnancy is allowed to continue beyond the normal gestation period.

Risks to the Baby
  • Post-Maturity Syndrome - It occurs due to uteroplacental insufficiency that leads to chronic stress and hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) in the baby. The baby has a distinctive appearance upon birth such as overgrown hair and fingernails, a long body with little fat, and wrinkled or dry skin.
  • Perineal injury and C-section - Both have the potential to create health problems for the mother.
  • Meconium aspiration - The baby has its first bowel movement while inside the womb and breathes in meconium - The first stool-before or soon after birth.
  • Stillbirth - It is the devastating event the death of the baby before birth.
Risks to the Mother
  • Cervical rupture (torn cervix caused by the large size of the baby)
  • Endometritis
  • Infection, such as chorioamnionitis (bacterial infection of fetal membranes that ascends from the vagina due to a prolonged labor)
  • Labor dystocia
  • Perineal injury caused by baby's large size
  • Postpartum hemorrhage (nonstop bleeding after the delivery of a baby)
DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers can Help

If you or your baby suffered injuries or complication due to a post-term pregnancy, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Your medical practitioner might have been negligent if labor was not induced, if labor was prolonged, or if your due date was miscalculated or not corroborated by an ultrasound. Contact the medical malpractice lawyers of DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers at 833-200-2000 or contact us online with any questions that you have. Consultations are always free and you will never owe any attorney fees unless we are able to recover compensation for you.

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