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Kids have different rates of developing. Most developmental delays in physical and mental growth improve with time. However, significant developmental delays need early intervention. They might be a sign of learning disabilities in the future. Such developmental delays are caused by lack of oxygen or trauma during childbirth.

Birth injury to infants might result in intellectual disabilities or mental retardation. Such a child needs constant care. The situation poses a lifetime challenge to the child's family. In certain babies, the condition becomes evident right after birth. However, in other cases, the kid's family may not realize this for many years. It is rarely ever too late to go for a lawsuit. In New York State, the statute of limitations for an injured child is tolled for 10 years and it may be further tolled due to "continuous treatment". If you suspect medical malpractice may have caused delays in getting your child help, your child may be entitled to compensation.

Signs of Developmental Delays

Delays in development can have different effects on different children. Generally, the following are some major areas where signs of developmental delays can be noticed:

  • Motor skills
  • Intelligence
  • Language
  • Speech
  • Reaching age-appropriate milestones
How Medical Negligence can Cause Developmental Delays?

During childbirth, it is the duty of the obstetrician and medical staff to follow certain standards. Failure to follow the standards can result into a birth injury. Such incidents are medical malpractice and negligence. Following are some incidents where medical negligence may lead to developmental delays in the child:

  • Failure in providing proper prenatal care
  • Not providing proper support during labor and delivery
  • Failing to Diagnose and treat a maternal infection
  • Failure to detect and treat early labor
  • Not identifying a dangerously large baby
  • Poor Management of an extended pregnancy
  • Failing to Respond to bleeding
  • Leaving placental abruption untreated
  • Failure to Treat preeclampsia or infections in the mother
  • Inability to Safely manage labor and delivery or a delay in delivery
  • Delay to Act on fetal heart monitor changes and evidence of fetal distress
  • Incorrect usage of vacuum extractor or forceps during delivery
  • Delaying a C-section to remove a baby in distress
  • Failing to resuscitate and intubate newborn
Questions Regarding a Birth Injury or Medical Negligence?

If you have any questions whether your child sustained a birth injury or if there was a delay in diagnosing their condition, your child may be entitled to compensation. Our personal injury law firm has extensive experience in handling birth injury and malpractice cases. Our office also has access to medical experts outside of our local area who will also assist in providing an objection opinion as to whether malpractice is what caused your child's injury.

Consultations are always free, so call 315-479-9000 today. Furthermore, if we are able to take your case, you will never be responsible for any attorneys fees unless we are able to recover compensation for your child. Thank you for your interest in our law firm.

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