Pathology Malpractice

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At the DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Law Firm we represent clients who have suffered injury due to medical malpractice. A pathologist is a physician who studies fluids and tissues to assist in monitoring and diagnosing medical conditions. Pathology malpractice is when a physician fails to make a correct assessment or diagnosis of a patient's tissue or fluid sample which results in a delayed diagnosis or mistreatment of a patient's medical condition. Pathology malpractice can also occur under other circumstances such as when incorrect information is documented in a pathology report and when reports are not timely sent.

Pathology Errors and Medical Malpractice

Biopsy errors are occurring far too often today. The failure to timely perform a biopsy or the failure to adequately interpret the biopsy results could lead to a person sustaining very serious injuries and even death. For example, an error in interpreting a biopsy result could lead to a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer or it could result in having an extensive amount of unnecessary treatment.

Pathology lab errors primarily occur in two main ways:

Test-reading errors: pathologists can misread tests, falsely identifying problems where none exist or failing to find evidence of a disease that does.

Communication errors: a pathology test result may not be timely sent or received, or there could be a misinterpretation as to the pathologists' meaning. Physicians can also be held responsible where tests are ordered and/or performed and no one follows up on the results or fails to timely tell the patient the results.

Our personal injury attorneys have access to pathologists who will review pathology slides and samples and provide us with an objective opinion whether pathology medical malpractice occurred. If they determine that a pathology or lab mistake occurred, our malpractice lawyers will aggressively pursue full and fair financial compensation for our client.

The DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Law Firm handle cases involving, but not limited to:

  • Failure to interpret pathology tests
  • Misdiagnosis of cancer and other life threatening diseases
  • False diagnosis
  • Unnecessary surgery and treatment
  • Delay in necessary surgery
  • Among other pathology injury cases.

The DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Law Firm has extensive experience handling pathology malpractice and other medical malpractice cases.

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