Chronic Pain Syndrome

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Chronic Pain Syndrome, Explained

There are a variety of chronic pain syndromes. Some chronic pain originates from a nerve injury or surgery, while other cases originate from other types of trauma. Some chronic pain is localized while other chronic pain can be global, spreading throughout the body. The underlying event that caused the injury will determine how chronic pain is diagnosed and treated.

One of the more common types of chronic pain syndrome is complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). CRPS is a chronic neurological condition characterized by pathological changes in bone and skin, severe pain, bouts of sweating, swelling, and extreme sensitivity to touch. The extent and severity of the condition will differ for each patient.

There are two types of CRPS, based on the cause of the disease. The first type involves the development of CRPS without a direct injury to the nerve while the second type (formerly known as causalgia) involves a direct nerve injury.

  • Type one injuries tend to occur in situations where there was a car accident, a fall, surgery or some other type of trauma to a person's body without direct nerve involvement. Under these circumstances, nerve conduction studies tend to be normal although symptoms of CRPS are apparent.

  • Type two injures are characterized by objective evidence of nerve damage. These situations can be seen when injections are given into a person's nerve, a surgeon directly injures a nerve during surgery or some other type of trauma causes nerve damage. This damage causes the body's electrical system to misfire, causing chronic pain.

CRPS is extremely painful and can lead to permanent injuries. Timely diagnosis and treatment of CRPS are critical to receiving relief or recovering. If you or someone you know has symptoms of CRPS, notify a health care provider as soon as possible. Medical studies have shown there is a limited window of time for treatment before one loses the opportunity for cure. Medical providers should know the symptoms of CRPS. Patients should be referred for pain management, nerve blocks, physical therapy and pain medications.

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