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Spinal cord injury treatment options

A spinal cord injury is always severe regardless of how serious the damage is. This is mainly because the body relies heavily upon the spinal cord for different body functions. There are many people in New York who have been involved in an accident that has caused an SPI. According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, damage to the spinal cord cannot be fixed and is always permanent. 

Facts about spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are always treated as severe due to the fact that they involve one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. A person suffering from such an injury in New York may not immediately understand the condition or the complications that may arise. Not understanding can be one of the scariest parts of this type of injury. Knowing some facts about the spinal cord and related trauma can help people to feel a little more in control.

Coping with a spinal cord injury

An accident that results in a spinal injury is often a life-changing event. The change from being a healthy and active adult to suddenly having a disability can leave a person scared, confused and depressed. Regaining a semblance of normalcy is a very difficult process that can take months or years of therapies. This type of injury does not mean that you can no longer have a happy and fulfilling life. Coping with a spinal injury requires motivation and support.

Upper spine injured in an accident? Prepare for major setbacks

Maybe you were in a car accident, or maybe you fell from a ladder on a construction site. Perhaps your injury occurred incrementally through months or years of repetitive lifting and carrying, and one day you had to pick up something at work and you felt something change suddenly in your upper spine.

Seeking damages for brain injury after motor vehicle accident, P.4

Last time, we left off discussing the topic of punitive damages. As we noted, the goal of building a damages case is to maximize the plaintiff’s damages, and this requires carefully establishing entitlement to all damages the plaintiff is seeking, including punitive damages.

Seeking damages for brain injury after motor vehicle accident, P.3

We’ve been discussing in recent posts the topic of brain and spinal cord injury, and the importance of working with an experienced attorney to accurately establish damages at trial. Maximizing damages, of course, is probably the most important aim of litigation in most cases, so it is really important to build a strong case in this area.

Seeking damages for brain injury after motor vehicle accident, P.1

In motor vehicle accidents, physical injuries can be devastating if not deadly, particularly when there is damage to the brain and/or spinal cord. Damage to the central nervous system can have a profound effect on an accident victim’s life, impacting his or her ability to work, recreate, maintain relationships with family and friends, and generally enjoy life.

NYC jails see increase in injury claims

When we think about personal injury cases, the thoughts that come to mind are usually related to car accidents or premises liability incidents. These are everyday occurrences that unfortunately leave innocent victims injured. But it’s also important to remember that those that are not so innocent, at least in the criminal system’s eyes, have the same rights to safety as the general public. We’re talking about inmates in prisons and jails like the one on Rikers Island.

Spinal cord injuries in the United States: facts to consider

When someone suffers a spinal cord injury, it can be life-changing. While in some cases, this type of injury can lead to sudden death, others are left to deal with the tragic injury the rest of their lives.

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