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Posts tagged "Pregnancy Related Injuries"

Looking at the risks of home birth: be careful what midwife you use, P.2

Last time, we began looking at some of the risks of electing for a home birth, particularly at the role the midwife has to play in these risks. As we noted, lack of training really sets a certain type of midwife apart from midwives who go through more rigorous training.

Looking at the risks of home birth: be careful what midwife you use, P.1

The way a couple chooses to give birth to a child is a very personal and potentially sensitive matter. Different couples have different approaches and opinions about what is best for the child, and what is most comfortable for the mother.

LAWSUIT: Ob-gyn procedure led to fetus' death

Certain rulings in medical malpractice cases can set a precedent for cases in the future. That's why it's important for attorneys who work with medical malpractice victims to keep up on incoming and current cases. The outcome of a recent medical malpractice case involving an obstetrics and gynecology doctor may set an example for how such cases could be handled in New York and across the United States.

The future of medical research with pregnant women

Medical research is essentially the lifeblood of innovation. Without it, medical professionals likely do not learn more about what ails their patients or how to avoid certain conditions before they become problems. Indeed, medical research is important in combating various forms of cancer and learning how different drugs and treatments affect it. The same could be said about other non-fatal conditions such as depression and diabetes.

The importance of diagnosing pregnancy related injuries

For most prospective mothers, pregnancy can be a scary, yet exciting time in their lives. After all, they are going to be bringing a new life into the world, and they want to do everything they can to make sure their little baby is safe and healthy in their womb. Because of this, some moms will be hypochondriacs and alert doctors to every pain and discomfort they feel.

Autism study raises questions about iron intake during pregancy

The fear of autism in an unborn child is a very real concern for pregnant mothers; especially those who carry the common risk factors along with a child in their womb. Expectant mothers who are over 35 or have weight concerns or other metabolic issues such as diabetes or hypertension are prime candidates for giving birth to autistic children.

Assessing a pregnant woman after a car accident

While we have focused a number of our posts on car accidents, as medical malpractice attorneys, we also handle cases where pregnancy injuries are misdiagnosed or mistreated. While it is uncommon for pregnant women to be involved in car accidents, they do occur; and in these instances, medical personnel must be ready and available to take extra precautions when assessing the extent of injuries to both mother and child.

Should pregnant women be excluded from medical research?

With all the research conducted on chronic health conditions such as depression, diabetes and hypertension, it is interesting how little, if any, research is done to see how treatments or drugs that abate these conditions would affect pregnant women.

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