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North Syracuse car crash remains a mystery

Sometimes it is immediately clear who caused a crash, like when a tractor-trailer driver falls asleep at the wheel, crosses into oncoming traffic and smashes headlong into a car. Or, when a driver is busy texting and fails to notice a stop sign, plowing into a left-turning motorcycle. Sometimes, however, fault is a little harder to find, at least at first glance, yet this does not mean that the family members of those killed in fatal car accidents shouldn't work with a wrongful death lawyer to file a lawsuit.

Broome County car crash leaves passenger seriously injured

What some people may not realize is that when a car accident happens, there doesn't have to be two cars involved to file a personal injury lawsuit. Passengers can also sue the drivers of the vehicles they are in if they suffer serious injuries in a car accident. Just like with other motorists on the road, the driver is responsible for doing everything possible to prevent a crash.

Women in their second trimesters at greater risk of accidents

Anyone in Syracuse who has tried interacting with pregnant women likely knows about "pregnancy brain." Though not all women have trouble concentrating while pregnant, a number of women find it harder to think through things than when they weren't pregnant. At least one author of a recent study thinks that may be why women in their second trimester of pregnancy are at a great risk of a car accident. If it is true that pregnancy brain is one of the major contributors to that increase in crashes, it is just further proof that distractions are dangerous behind the wheel.

3 passengers injured in Oneida County accident

Though many people in Oneida County may assume that the only way to file a personal injury lawsuit in a car accident is when there are at least two cars involved, they are wrong. Say you are riding in a car and someone else is driving. If that driver is texting, is drunk or is otherwise negligent and causes an accident, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. It does not matter how many vehicles are involved, so long as there is a negligent driver.

Driving under the influence of marijuana -- still a risk

Even though marijuana is illegal in New York, there are still many people who use the drug illegally. There are some people in Syracuse who think there is no problem with marijuana use and others who believe it to be incredibly risky, yet regardless of what people think, studies have shown that marijuana in the system increases the risk of an accident. Though stoned driving may not be considered as risky as driving while intoxicated, it is still dangerous driving.

Syracuse man suffers head injury when driver cuts him off

It is vitally important that anyone on the road follows all traffic regulations. These laws are in place because they keep Syracuse drivers safe. While some people may not care if they put their lives at risk, it is more than just them who are in danger. When a driver follows too closely or fails to stop at a red light, he or she is putting everyone else on the road's lives at risk. Though it is absolutely tragic when an accident happens because one driver just wouldn't follow the law, an injured driver can file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver responsible for the crash.

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