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Upper spine injured in an accident? Prepare for major setbacks

Maybe you were in a car accident, or maybe you fell from a ladder on a construction site. Perhaps your injury occurred incrementally through months or years of repetitive lifting and carrying, and one day you had to pick up something at work and you felt something change suddenly in your upper spine.

There are many ways that your upper spinal injury might occur, but one thing is certain - unless you are very, very fortunate, your life may have changed forever.

If you suffered a spinal cord injury affecting your high-cervical nerves, specifically within you C1 through C4 vertebrae, you may lose partial or complete functionality of many areas of your body. To make matters worse, these losses may be indefinite.

In trying seasons like this one, it is crucial to build a team of professionals committed to chasing down justice for you and seeking out fair and complete remedies to your injuries.

Losses associated with high-cervical nerve injuries

The plain facts about a high-cervical nerve injury are not easy to accept. Injuries of this type are generally considered to be the most severe of all spinal injuries. The truth of the matter is that the sooner that you or your loved one can understand the nature of the injury, the sooner you can get to the work of seeking appropriate treatment and pursuing fair compensation to achieve a fair standard of living.

Depending on the specifics of the injury, a high-cervical nerve injury may mean many things, including:

  • difficulty or inability to breathe without assistance
  • difficulty or inability to control bodily functions like bowel and bladder movements
  • paralysis in limbs and hands, and even trunk
  • reduced ability to speak clearly

Depending on the severity of the injury, you or your loved one may not be able to drive alone, move around, or perform simple daily tasks without assistance.

It is clear to see how expenses may accumulate quickly in this scenario. Not only might you face significant ongoing medical expenses, there is a high likelihood that your income may be severely reduced or brought to a halt.

Build a team to fight for your complete life

You absolutely should not have to face these struggles on your own. With proper legal guidance, you can evaluate the nuances of your specific accident and identify ways to pursue fair compensation for your injury.

An experienced, professional attorney will know how to fight for the most complete forms of compensation for your losses and ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the process.

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