Medical Malpractice And Failure To Diagnose A Heart Attack

Minutes matter when it comes to diagnosing a heart attack. Any delay in administering treatment can result in permanent damage to the heart muscle or death.

At DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers in Syracuse, New York, our attorneys represent people who have suffered severe injuries because their doctor failed to timely diagnose and treat their heart attack. We also represent families of people who have died following a heart attack. Our lawyers have recovered more than $100 million in compensation for our clients.

Symptoms Of Heart Attack

A person undergoing a heart attack may experience chest pain, discomfort from activity, fatigue, heart palpitations or difficulty breathing. Based on these and other observable symptoms, a doctor can diagnose a heart attack based on:

  • The patient's medical history
  • An electrocardiogram, which is a record of the heart's electrical activity
  • Blood tests to detect abnormal levels of enzymes that are present in the bloodstream during a heart attack

Unfortunately, heart attack symptoms are sometimes attributes to other causes, such as being gastrointestinal-related, without having run appropriate tests. This may occur in an emergency room, where doctors are under pressure to treat many patients in a short period of time, or in a primary care setting.

Our firm has extensive experience handling failure to diagnose heart attack cases. Delays in the emergency room for testing and delays in getting a cardiologist involved are often considered malpractice. Our firm has also handled many cases where patients were told their symptoms were not cardiac in nature, only to suffer a heart attack after leaving the emergency room. Unfortunately, when it comes to heart attacks, more often than not, delays in diagnosis and treatment can cause significant injuries or death.

If your doctor failed to conduct appropriate tests for heart attack, he or she may have committed medical malpractice.

Serving Medical Malpractice Victims In Syracuse And Upstate New York

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