Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer

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Of the tens of thousands of women who die each year because of breast cancer, many could have been saved if not for the negligence of health care providers. A missed or delayed cancer diagnosis can have devastating effects.

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When Breast Cancer Is Misdiagnosed

Doctors are expected to follow certain acceptable methods of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. These methods are recognized throughout the medical community and designed to provide patients with accurate and timely diagnoses. When doctors fail to follow these guidelines, it may result in a dangerous delay in treatment.

The prognosis for patients with breast cancer is strongly linked to the promptness of the diagnosis. When cancer is caught early, patients have a much better chance of recovery and survival. Delays in treatment can be fatal. If a doctor's negligence causes a delay with significant effects, he or she may be liable for medical malpractice.

The Dangers of Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

It is well-known in the medical community that the longer the delay, the worse the prognosis. An extensive delay could mean the difference between stage 1 and stage 4, where survival rates drop approximately 81 percent. Breast cancer survival rates greatly depend on early detection and treatment.

The failure to timely diagnose and treat breast cancer could mean the difference between minimally invasive treatment and more radical procedures such as mastectomy. Such failure can also mean the difference between survival and premature death.

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