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Automation in large trucks may reduce operator interaction

When you are near a semitruck on the highway in New York, it may cross your mind to hope that the driver is not distracted or fatigued. You probably did not wonder whether there is even a person in the driver’s seat, though. We at DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers understand that new technology could change the role of truck drivers, and in the future, it may reduce the number of commercial vehicle crashes.

Driver in Tracy Morgan truck accident case won't go to jail

If you've been following this blog, you're probably aware of the ongoing case of the truck driver whose drowsiness caused him to collide with comedian Tracy Morgan's limo back in 2014. The accident took the life of Morgan's dear friend James "Jimmy Mack" McNair and left Morgan in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones.

Looking at the role of tire problems in truck accident litigation, P.1

Truck accidents can occur for all manner of reasons, including fatigued driving, misjudging other driver’s movements, speeding or violating other traffic rules, talking on a cell phone and engaging in other activities which distract attention from driving. Another common cause of truck accidents is tire flats and blowouts.

Looking at the issue of vehicle maintenance in trucking accidents, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the topic of commercial vehicle maintenance, pointing out some of the general requirements for vehicle maintenance at both the state and federal level. As we left of saying, the requirements from the state of New York are essentially the same as the federal requirements.

Report: vehicle maintenance issues plague sanitation companies

Under a bill currently being considered in New York City, private sanitation companies would have the exclusive right to collect trash in established zones. The idea behind the legislation is to make the city’s oversight of sanitation trucks easier. Oversight is a particular problem with respect to sanitation truck maintenance.

Trucks, buses still cause many accidents every year

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has an incredible amount of data on motor vehicle accidents that involve large trucks and buses. Their database is recent as of the year 2014. According to that year of data, safety has improved, in general, when it comes to large trucks and buses being involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Holding trucking companies accountable for their role in auto accidents

Recent posts on this blog have focused on the issue of vicarious liability in personal injury litigation. There are a variety of situations where an employer can become liable for a motor vehicle accident caused by an employee. One common area where this can happen is in truck accident cases.

Relaxation of federal truck safety rules puts other motorists at risk

Last time, we began discussing the federal hours of service regulations, which are largely intended to address the problem of fatigued driving among commercial vehicle operators. The rules, no doubt, do help to ensure that truck drivers are adequately rested while on the roadway, but there has been a fair amount of wrangling over the rules.

Truck safety and the federal hours of service rules

Truck safety is an important concern when it comes to improving highway safety. Because of their size and the weight they carry, semi-tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles present a serious risk of causing harm or death other motorists when they are involved in accidents.

Why do big-rig accidents happen?

Figuring out who was at fault in a car accident can sometimes be challenging. Although the cause of an accident may initially seem clear, an investigation into what happened may reveal more facts that are important to the cause of the accident.

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