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Common causes of motorcycle accidents: Part 1

Many motorists are so excited to take the roads in New York that they fail to realize the dangers they face. Their vehicles do not have the same protective structures as cars. Even though some bikers wear helmets and riding gear for protection, many of them do not. According to, these factors along with higher speed limits, drugs and alcohol use increase the risk of motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities. 

Bikers who understand the common factors that lead to crashes can take measures to protect themselves on the roads. 

10 signs of cancer that doctors shouldn't miss

Cancer isn't always easy to detect, and for some patients, no amount of medical technology would have been enough to know it was there earlier than it was detected. In other cases, doctors' negligence and inaction lead to patients who have cancers that are unable to be treated or in advanced stages that may have otherwise been prevented.

What can you do if you suspect you have cancer or have found out that your doctor did not diagnose you correctly? You have a right to file a medical malpractice case. In the meantime, here are 10 signs that cancer could be an ailment you're fighting. Although no specific symptoms are prevalent through all types of cancer, knowing some common symptoms could help save lives.

Spinal cord injury treatment options

A spinal cord injury is always severe regardless of how serious the damage is. This is mainly because the body relies heavily upon the spinal cord for different body functions. There are many people in New York who have been involved in an accident that has caused an SPI. According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, damage to the spinal cord cannot be fixed and is always permanent. 

As soon as an SPI occurs, medical care is needed to help minimize damage by stabilizing the spine as soon as possible. Medical personnel may also want to do surgery to help reduce strain on the spinal cord. Patients may be given medications or put in traction. The initial rush is to try to prevent any more damage to the spinal cord.

Failure to diagnose a heart attack

When a heart attack is diagnosed early, it can be treated quickly to stop further damage and possibly save your life. However, the chances are good that you could be misdiagnosed by a New York doctor and not get the treatment you need. This is especially true if you are a woman. At Defrancisco & Falgiatano, we want to be sure that you are aware of this issue so you can prevent it from happening to you.

According to Business Insider, anxiety may be to blame for the failure to diagnose a heart attack in women. Because women often suffer from anxiety more than men and some symptoms of a heart attack can mimic the symptoms of anxiety, women are often misdiagnosed as just suffering from anxiety. This leads to delays in treatment and diagnostics. In the end, this means a woman is likely to die of a heart attack more often than a man. Studies have shown that younger women are at the highest risk of this happening.

Facts about spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are always treated as severe due to the fact that they involve one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. A person suffering from such an injury in New York may not immediately understand the condition or the complications that may arise. Not understanding can be one of the scariest parts of this type of injury. Knowing some facts about the spinal cord and related trauma can help people to feel a little more in control.

According to GB HealthWatch, the spinal cord is fairly well protected by the bones in the spinal column. However, injuries can easily occur when the vertebrae get dislocated. Once broken, the cord cannot be repaired. Not all injuries, though, will cause permanent damage or break the cord. The extent of the injury depends on whether nerves were damaged and the location of the injury. Minor injuries may heal with time, while major injuries can cause complete paralysis.

Does a helmet help in a motorcycle accident?

There are many rumors and misconceptions that a motorcycle helmet can do more harm than good. If you are riding in New York, though, you should understand that a helmet is your best defense against severe injuries if you are involved in an accident. There have been studies and there is solid proof that helmets save lives.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation explains exactly how a motorcycle helmet protects you in a crash. The main parts of this safety gear are each designed with a specific purpose in mind. The padding and straps are made to ensure the helmet fits your head correctly and firmly. This will keep the helmet from sliding around and stop it from flying off or shifting in the event of an impact. The inner core is made of cushioning foam that absorbs shock and compresses to prevent direct hits to your head. The outer shell is made to be hard and firm, yet it also gives a little on impact to prevent it from breaking and allow it to provide complete protection as you hit a hard surface.

5 things to remember if you are in a car crash

The stress of a car accident can make it difficult to remember the basic steps you should take after the crash. Of course, you probably know that you need to contact the authorities so they can come out to make a report and evaluate the scene. There are also other steps you should take. 

Collision avoidance systems and rear-end collisions

There are many ways accidents can happen on New York roadways. However, one of the most common types of accidents is rear-end collisions. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, rear-end accidents are typically caused by driver inattention. In addition, this type of accident led to more than 1,700 deaths from 2012 to 2014. It is a serious issue that needs a solution.

The NTSB believes that it has found a solution that can help to greatly reduce the number rear-end crashes while also decreasing the severity of them. The answer seems to be collision avoidance systems. These safety systems are installed in vehicles and feature alarms and automatic breaking technology that enables the vehicle to react to a traffic situation and prevent a collision from occurring. They have been shown through studies to be very effective, which has led to numerous recommendations by the NTSB to have them installed as standard equipment on all new vehicles.

Can heavy military weapons cause brain injury?

Soldiers across New York and the United States hold inherently dangerous jobs, and new concerns are being raised about your risk of suffering a brain injury due to repeated use of certain heavy military weapons.  According to NPR, the military began having its soldiers wear sensors known as blast gauges to get a better sense of how you may be affected by your surroundings while in battle, but that the sensors are no longer widely used.

Initially intended to assess the effects of being near roadside bombs, the sensors indicated that certain weapons, such as the Carl Gustaf, a bazooka-like rifle, also resulted in considerable blast exposure to the person firing it. When you fire this particular weapon, it redirects a sharp burst of hot gas backward, which is why soldiers are supposed to be trained to stand on the side of the weapon before using it.

5 symptoms of a spinal cord injury after a crash

You were on the highway when it happened: A truck driver didn't see you in his blind spot and slammed into your vehicle. Your vehicle flipped over, and now you're unsure what to do. You're in pain, but help has been called for. Should you get out of the vehicle? Could you injure yourself more by moving?

There are many signs that you've suffered a spinal cord injury and should not be moved until emergency help arrives at the scene. While the most common thing people think of with spinal cord injuries is paralysis, spinal injuries don't always lead to paralysis or numbness.

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