Failure To Diagnose, Monitor Or Treat

Medical providers are under the duty to make timely diagnoses, monitor patients, and treat patients in accordance with generally accepted medical standards. Unfortunately some patients are not treated with appropriate care because of medical errors.

Some examples of failure to diagnose, monitor and treat patients include:

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Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

Misdiagnosis and/or delayed diagnosis medical errors can occur across a variety of medical specialties.

  • Misdiagnosis - When a disease or condition is not diagnosed correctly. This may result in improper treatment or a delay in treatment.
  • Delayed diagnosis - When there is a delay in diagnosing a disease or condition, it may be too late to properly treat it.

Medical providers in emergency rooms are required to make appropriate and timely diagnoses of life threatening medical conditions. Other specialists such as primary care physicians and obstetrician / gynecologists have the duty to screen patients for cancer, screen patients for changes in conditions, and monitor for life threatening conditions. All medical providers are under the duty to provide medical care in accordance with generally accepted medical standards. For some patients, errors unfortunately occur.

Failure to Diagnose Case Results (a few examples)
$1,000,000 settlement for failing to adequately inform patient
$1,000,000 for failure to order appropriate medical tests
$1,300,000 for failure to timely diagnose and treat meningitis
$1,250,000 for failure to diagnose stroke

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