Breech Birth

Breech and other abnormal presentations are not uncommon in vaginal births, but they can be extremely dangerous. Doctors must carefully monitor the condition of the fetus in these situations and take appropriate action to ensure that injury does not occur. A failure to recognize and treat a breech birth may be medical malpractice.

The experienced birth injury attorneys at DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers can help your family after an injury due to an improperly managed breech birth. We work hard to hold negligent doctors and hospitals accountable for their actions. You can rely on us to treat your family with respect and compassion as we fight for the damages you need for past and future medical expenses and lost income.

You Can Seek Compensation For Breech Birth Injuries

Doctors should be able to determine the position of the fetus through examination or ultrasound. When a breech presentation is recognized, the doctor may attempt to manually reposition the fetus. If this does not work, a C-section may be the best option for safely delivering the fetus. A failure to perform a timely C-section can be hazardous to mother and fetus.

Injuries and conditions caused by negligence during a breech birth may include:

Children who suffer these types of injuries may need specialized medical treatment for the rest of their lives. Their families will likely need help to provide the level of care these children need. If your baby has a brain injury or serious shoulder dystocia injury, you will need significant financial compensation for the years of medical care and other services your child will require.

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