Horner Syndrome

What is Horner Syndrome?

It is an uncommon disorder that occurs due to damage of certain nerves that travel from the brain to the eyes and face. In infants, the most common reason of Horner's Syndrome is birth trauma on the neck. It happens due to excessive use of force by the medical staff during childbirth.

If your baby has Horner's Syndrome and you believe that your obstetrician may have been negligent in causing these injuries, you should consult with a birth injury lawyer. You can rely on our experience and compassion as we work to recover the damages you will need for the specialized medical care for your child.

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Signs and Symptoms of Horner's Syndrome

Horner syndrome typically affects only one side of the face. Its symptoms include one drooping eyelid, smaller pupil size and decreased sweating on the affected side of the face.

These are pretty evident signs of Horner's syndrome; however 3 major tests can be taken to confirm it:

  • cocaine eyedrop test
  • paredrine test
  • dilation lag test

Medical Neglect and Errors

Since the most common reason for Horner's Syndrome is medical negligence by applying excess force during delivery, the major instances where excess force trauma happens are:

  • Inappropriate use of forceps or vacuum extraction during childbirth
  • Pushing too hard on the carotid artery
  • Failure to predict a dangerously large size baby
  • Attempting a vaginal delivery where a C-section should have been opted

Lawsuit Requirements for Horner's Syndrome Cases

To pursue a case for medical malpractice during the birth of a child, we need to prove there was a deviation from accepted medical standards that caused injury.

Horner's Syndrome birth injury lawsuits are sometimes difficult because it may be hard to prove the cause of the condition. Moreover, healthcare facilities often notoriously deny the culpability in case of medical negligence. As such, seasoned lawyers often have medical experts at their disposal to assist in determining the real cause of the condition.

If your baby or a loved one's infant was born with Horner's syndrome your case should be investigated to determine if medical negligence caused the condition.

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