Strong Advocacy After A Slip-And-Fall Accident

Slips-and-falls are the second leading cause of injuries in the United States. They account for an estimated 16,000 deaths each year and many serious injuries. Often these injuries and deaths are caused by a dangerous condition on someone else's property.

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Why Do Slip-And-Fall Accidents Occur?

Over 70 percent of falls occur due to dangerous conditions and hazards in our environment. Dangerous conditions that cause slip-and-fall accidents frequently result from poor design or improper maintenance.

Other hazards are created by the presence of slippery surfaces and substances, such as areas with food spillage, water leakage or ice. There are also many accidents on poorly maintained stairs.

Where Do Slip-And-Fall Accidents Occur?

Slip-and-fall accidents occur virtually everywhere - in a supermarket or shopping mall; at school or at an office; or on an uneven sidewalk. Your slip-and-fall may be caused, for example, by a defect in flooring, which may be wet or uneven, or else it may be attributable to inadequate lighting that obstructs your ability to foresee a danger.

The victim of a slip-and-fall injury must prove that the property owner "knew or should have known" about the hazard that caused the accident, and that they failed to remedy it. If the property owner, or any of their employees, created the dangerous condition that caused the injury, knowledge of the hazard may be automatically imputed to them. However, if the hazard was created by a nonemployee, such as a customer, the claimant must show that there was time enough for the property owner to have discovered and repaired the dangerous condition, or that the hazardous condition occurred with such frequency that the owner should have been aware of its presence.

Taking Action

Slip-and-fall cases can be challenging and difficult to prove. To prevail, a slip-and-fall attorney must establish not only the existence of a dangerous condition, but the property owner's actual or constructive knowledge of that condition. Our law firm utilizes highly qualified experts to determine whether there were any building or other code violations at the time of your injury.

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