Dog Bites

In New York, the owner of a dog is responsible for your medical bills following a dog bite attack unless you did something to provoke the animal. However, to recover compensation for additional damages, such as pain and suffering, you will need to prove that the dog had a dangerous propensity to bite people and the dog's owner was aware of this. In many cases, it takes a lawyer's help to recover the full compensation you deserve.

At DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers, our Syracuse-based lawyers have extensive experience handling dog bite and other personal injury cases. Our lawyers have recovered more than $100 million in damages for our injured clients. We offer free consultations to discuss your case and your options.

Was the Dog Dangerous?

There are many facts that can be used to show that the dog had a dangerous propensity to bite people. Examples include:

  • The dog has bitten someone before.
  • The dog bared its teeth.
  • The dog growled at people.
  • The dog was bred to be aggressive.
  • The dog was high strung and territorial.

As soon as you contact our attorneys, we will work hard to track down witnesses and locate evidence of the dog's dangerous tendency.

Dog bites can cause significant physical and emotional damage, especially in a child. Children are more likely to be victims of dog bite attacks than adults. Children are also more likely to suffer bite wounds to the face, which can cause scars that will affect the child for many years into the future.

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