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April 2015 Archives

Close call with waiting school kids causes anger, concerns

The images of three school children near Seattle, Washington nearly being hit by a car made national news this week, as it served as a poignant reminder that drivers must be aware of their surroundings and obey traffic laws pertaining to school buses.

Glances away from the road could lead to accidents

Think about how often you glance away from the road while driving. Some glances may be innocuous and necessary, such as checking your blind spot before a lane change. Looking in the rear view mirror to see if someone is riding your bumper, or just checking out what is causing a stoppage in a particular lane.

Homeopathic medicines could see more scrutiny

With the use of marijuana as a medicinal alternative for pain medication growing, it is no wonder why the homeopathic medicine industry is experiencing a growth spurt as well. According to a recent report, the industry experiences nearly $3 billion in annual revenue. This means that more Americans are purchasing and using creams for pain relief or certain liquids for male virility.

Blue Bell announces reboot after listeria outbreak

While many of our posts have focused on defective products relating to automobiles (e.g. defective airbags) products liability cases can relate to many other items that consumers use every day. One of the more recent issues involves Blue Bell Ice Cream. According to a recent ABC report, the century old ice cream company had recently shut down its operations after finding that a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream had tested positive for listeria.

How off-label marketing can lead to products liability suits

If you have watched any of the NBA playoff games, or a golf tournament on a Sunday afternoon, it is hard to ignore the commercials for prescription drugs. From Lexipro to Propecia to Flonaze to Lipitor, drug manufacturers spend billions on television advertising each year. The same could be said about radio ads (even though radio time isn’t as expensive.)

Beware of dangerous driving habits during prom season

There is nothing like the air of spring. It helps people escape from the icy tombs of winter, it brings back sports that we love (baseball) and it signals the coming end of another school year. But before graduations are held, prom season must begin. For teenagers, it is the night of glitz, glamour and fantasy that can make lifelong memories.

The importance of diagnosing pregnancy related injuries

For most prospective mothers, pregnancy can be a scary, yet exciting time in their lives. After all, they are going to be bringing a new life into the world, and they want to do everything they can to make sure their little baby is safe and healthy in their womb. Because of this, some moms will be hypochondriacs and alert doctors to every pain and discomfort they feel.

GM not liable in pre-bankruptcy ignition switch lawsuits

By many accounts, 2014 was the year of the recall; especially considering how many General Motors vehicles were affected by the ignition switch recall. As more information about this defect has been discovered, it has been found that GM allegedly concealed it as far back as 2009. Because of this, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the company seeking compensation for injuries and other damages suffered in accidents caused by the defect.

How recovery predictions can be made for brain injuries

In a number of our posts we have highlighted how different brain injuries must be diagnosed and treated differently. Essentially, physicians attempt to treat an injury based on physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Despite the universal treatment methods, people may recover differently from their injuries.

Who can be held liable for supermarket injuries

When you go to the mall or a supermarket, you don’t expect to have to avoid hazards such as spilled milk or falling objects. Unfortunately, things like this happen to consumers every day. When a person is injured while shopping, what are their rights and options? Moreover, who can be held accountable when this occurs?

How you can suffer a spinal cord injury

The great thing about innovation in the medical field is that it brings us closer to cures to illnesses and injuries that were once thought to be death sentences, or permanent lifestyle changes. Innovations to nerve damage (specifically, spinal cord injuries) are part of this. However, innovation comes slowly, and spinal cord injuries still may have a significant effect on a person’s strength, sensation and function of many body parts.

Can a birth injury lead to a medical malpractice case?

The birth of a child can be described as a medical marvel. Being born alive after being nurtured in a mother’s womb just doesn’t happen without some monitoring and careful handling; especially considering all the things that can go wrong during a birth.

Why moving violations can lead to negligence claims

In a previous post, we highlighted how potholes and poorly maintained streets can lead to accidents and how injured drivers can be compensated. However, drivers have to deal with more than just potholes on a daily basis. There are distracted drivers, drunk drivers and even aggressive drivers on the road every day.

10 questions to help determine if a birth injury occurred

Parents in Syracuse start protecting their children from the moment they learn of a pregnancy. Many books are published on the subject of “keeping your child safe,” but these books cannot answer every question parents have or help them handle labor on their own. They simply have to rely on medical professionals.

Survey shows that doctors order unnecessary tests

In our last post, we highlighted the potential for better patient care if safe harbor provisions were followed and allowed to be incorporated into useful legislation. One of the notions behind safe harbors was that doctors commonly ordered tests that were not necessary or were created out of fear of future medical malpractice lawsuits.

Family of four sickened while on vacation

When you go on vacation, you expect the best with your room. It should be immaculate, have a great view and be free of any harmful or threatening elements. For a family of four from the greater Philadelphia area, this should have been the case as they traveled to a resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Could safe harbor provisions improve patient care?

After decades of changes and law changes in a majority of states, it appears that medical malpractice reform is still a controversial topic. Indeed, physicians (and insurers) are afraid of multi-million dollar malpractice awards, and the way medicine is practiced (with defensive medicine) is indicative of this. With that said, wouldn’t it be worth taking a chance on another form of reform?

Minimum trucking insurance requirements could be raised

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted the danger that semi-truck pose to motorists on the road. Since trucks are considerably larger than passenger vehicles, the chances of people in passenger cars being injured is quite high. Meanwhile, truckers are commonly not injured in these crashes.

Can medical malpractice be based on faulty equipment?

In a number of our posts on medical malpractice matters, we focus on how a physician fails to act as doctor with comparable experience and skills would in treating a patient. Indeed, we bemoan physicians who miss on basic diagnoses or conduct operations on the wrong side of the body. We also criticize medical assistants who do not communicate or miscount equipment before or after a surgical procedure. However, not all medical malpractice instances are based on human error.

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