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June 2014 Archives

Government and safety organizations at odds over trucker fatigue

There are many people in Syracuse who will work while tired. For most jobs, this isn't a problem, but for some jobs, being tired can cause some very serious complications. No one wants, for example, a tired surgeon. One career that is particularly susceptible to fatigue is truck driving. It is also one position in which being tired is very dangerous.

Better diagnosis of diabetes could help prevent heart attacks

For anyone in Oneida who has wondered how doctors can tell if a patient has diabetes, the easiest way is to test the patient's A1C levels. By ordering a simple test, doctors can learn a patient's blood sugar levels for the past two to three months. If it is that easy, why are there an estimated 7 million people in the country whose diabetes is undiagnosed?

Study: 1 in 10 doctors are addicted to drugs or alcohol

There is no doubt that the practice of medicine is stressful. There is immense pressure on getting it right, because failure could mean serious injuries or death. The overwhelming majority of doctors in upstate New York do take this responsibility seriously, but there are some doctors who are reckless or who let the pressure get to them. For the patients of these doctors, there is a real risk of medical malpractice.

Broome County car crash leaves passenger seriously injured

What some people may not realize is that when a car accident happens, there doesn't have to be two cars involved to file a personal injury lawsuit. Passengers can also sue the drivers of the vehicles they are in if they suffer serious injuries in a car accident. Just like with other motorists on the road, the driver is responsible for doing everything possible to prevent a crash.

Medical groups issue paper that asks doctors to avoid C-sections

There is no denying the fact that a cesarean section can be convenient. Instead of having to wait and wait for a baby to come, parents can schedule a C-section. Instead of having to go through a long labor, mothers can have a C-section and be taken to recovery. Though convenient, C-sections should only be used when absolutely necessary, and according to the World Health Organization, countries should not have C-section rates higher than 15 percent. The U.S., however, delivers one in three children by C-section.

Front crash prevention system may not help with negligent drivers

There are a number of new vehicles on the road these days and, as always, they are utilizing a variety of new technologies to keep drivers and passengers safer. These technological breakthroughs are certainly important, but they often fail to protect against negligent drivers. Yet having one of the newest safety features, front crash prevention systems, won't necessarily keep a driver safe from a motor vehicle accident caused by a distracted or reckless driver.

How health care apps may help to improve the quality of your care

When it comes to healthcare, knowledge is indeed power. When patients are given access to information about their care, they become empowered to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers, their treatment and about their health generally. Although physicians are trained experts in the field of medicine, a high rate of medical negligence continues to plague the American healthcare system. While it is important to have some amount of trust in one’s physicians, it is also important to play an active role in one’s care.

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