Seeking Compensation For Lead Paint Exposure

The dangers of exposure to lead have been known for over 100 years. Far too often, however, these dangers have been ignored or swept under the rug.

Injuries caused by lead paint exposure are particularly troublesome. Too often, landlords have left lead-based paint in place — almost like an open invitation to injury.

At DeFrancisco & Falgiatano Personal Injury Lawyers, we can help you pursue rightful compensation for injuries caused by lead exposure. Our law firm is highly experienced in bringing legal action on behalf of people injured by dangerous property conditions.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lead Exposure?

The symptoms of lead exposure include high blood pressure, abdominal pain and a decline in mental functioning. The greater the degree of exposure, the greater the risk of health complications.

To be sure, the frequency and severity of symptoms varies from individual to individual. But in effect, lead exposure is a form of poisoning. The long-term effects of the exposure can be very severe.

If you are showing symptoms of lead exposure, it makes to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney.

At our law firm, we know landlords have certain duties to inspect their property for compliance with regulations on lead-based paint. If you have been injured due to a failure to adhere to those standards, we may be able to help you hold the landlord accountable.

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